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First Time

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My Friends and fished Mille Lacs for the first time last weekend and we caught 20 walleyes! I know its not 75 or something alot but the size of the fish was the important thing! My wife caught four fish on Saturday one being 30" which for her was great to see! Prior to that day her biggest fish was 19" but all of her fish were over 5lbs so she had a good time. We have a ranger bass boat so it was a little ruff on the big pond so really couldn't explore the lake to much. On Sunday we only fished about two hours but in that two hours I got Two fish that were over 27" and one 29" that didn't look skinny at all? some of the fish we caught had hooks in their mouths and a few looked a little rough but the smaller ones we caught looked really good? We took some quick pichures and let all of our fish go! I really had a good time up there and being big into Bass fishing I gave that a try and got a 20" bass that was a great bonus fish! We all injoyed our time out on Mille Lacs and we fished some other lakes to so I hope this fishery stayes strong and doesn't flop and die out that would be a shame for all of those fish to go to waste. Thank you for your tips on this lake you all helped us out a lot! BigBassBrettskee

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Nuclear Fishin

I also experienced Mille Lacs walleye for the first time this weekend and it was outstanding. A friend caught her first walleye and it was a five pounder about two minutes after we dropped the lines in the water. I did notice that the fish we caught were not healthy looking. They were skinny with sunken bellies. This is based on comparison to walleyes I have seen on many other Minnesota lakes. They really are not healthy fish, all head and no body.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      Good job guys!
    • YellowFinRed
      Have only been out a couple of times now but did get a 5.5 lb walleye my first 10 minutes out in 16 feet of water. Lots of fish in the 16-20 feet range. No jumping in the boat but catching fish on the mid lake areas. I'll be darned if I'll sit under a bridge with other boats when you can catch fish out on the lake without others boaters around.
    • Gillraker
      Any reports from Buffalo?  I would imagine that they are doing OK right out in front of the marina/beach.  Anybody?
    • DonkeyHodey
      agree with gimruis.  look to the river. Your chances of catching a 3# bass or better are exponentially better on the river.  (There's a reason SC/mississippi was chosen for the Gov's opener last year--the Mississippi around here is really a world class smallmouth fishery.)  (most river rats will tell you that you can essentially catch smallies any time of year and often as by-catch while targeting other species.)  Below the SC dam is pretty much catch and release only (all 12-20 inchers must be released) but it's quite loaded with big smallies! (and lots of good shore areas on public land)  Just be prepared to lose a few lures on snags... Frankly, If you want to stick to lakes, I think you can pretty much pick a lake in a 30 mile radius...--most produce bass in good quantity, it's just years may vary in terms of sizes.  Clearwater is good.  Consider Bass lake adjacent to it.  (...it's not just a clever name.)
    • Wanderer
      Haha!  Based on our conversation at the truck I’m going to edit that comment a teeny bit!  Cuz I know both of us had a workout.  I was still sore yesterday but it was a good sore. 😎
    • gimruis
      I like Clearwater too.  I haven't fished in in a couple years now but I used to and we caught a lot of fish out there.  The one negative was all the competition - there seemed to be a tournament almost every weekend. Another overlooked place to target smallmouth: RIVERS.  The Sauk River and the Mississippi between St Cloud and Elk River is plum full of bass and receives minimal fishing pressure (its just my opinion but rivers in general are very under fished here in MN).
    • Stephen L Johnston Jr.
      Thanks for the share Fitz! I noticed you guys had a couple of nice ones on saturdays event, i was curious how thatcame about. Congratulations on the crazy weekend!
    • Uncle Levi
      I have an STP frog cutter so I make my own.  
    • Surface Tension
      The torque tab counters the pull caused by the rotation of the prop.   Trimming the outboard in or out(up & down) can make a pull show up or go away.   Your Merc uses an allen wrench or a socket and extension to reach the bolt to loosen the torque tab.  Merc uses a right hand rotation.  If the bow wants to turn right by itself you would move the torque tab towards to the center.
    • ANYFISH2
      Thanks, a day well spent with a good person for sure. Thanks again for the work you put in at the end of the trip!  Your fishing needs to get in better shape I think!😓