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Puppy Question


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I have a puppy of 9 weeks who I am planning on trainging into a great hunter hopefully. When it comes to a bird/gun dog my question is.....

Should a puppy have other dogs involved in their life? And to what extent?

I have read a lot about socialization and how important this is, but what effect does this have on a bird dog? When I go on hunting trips with my family or whoever in the years to come, I don't want my dog thinking that it is time to play when we get to the field and there are two other dogs there. Any insight, experience, and/or knowledge on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim

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Yes the dogs should be well socialized. Introducing him to other dogs while out for a walk works well.

Hunting for a dog IMO is a combination of 2 things – Instinct and fun. Instinct you can’t do much about, but fun you can. My dog used to bounce around with the other dogs and hunters for a bit when let out of the truck. Once I pulled my shotgun out it was time to hunt. You just need to make sure that hunting is your dogs favorite thing to do.

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Tim. Give your dog as many chances to be around other dogs as possible. It helps them find their "place" in the dog world. I've seen a few dogs over the years that haven't had the best of socialization and they are the "bullies" when they come across another dog. Just make sure you keep your dog in control around others and you are on your way to having a well socialized dog.
As far as hunting goes, a well trained dog will know when it's time to play around with others and when it's time to find a bird. My Lab is crazy around our hunting crew and their dogs but as soon as we get all the camo on and the gear loaded, he's usually the first in the boat waiting for us to get in and go.
Good luck with the dog and just remember: both of you have fun.


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