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Innotek question


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I got my ADV 300 today, and was wondering about the two different length probes.

I have a lab and I see you use the longer ones for longer haired dogs and shorter ones for shorter, , duh!

What do YOU guys use with your labs?

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Most importantly make sure that it is snug. It will feel like you might be choking the dog.
Be careful with the use of your new E-Collar, I've seen a few dogs lose what ever desire they had because of abuse from the handler.
It is a correction device NOT a punishment device!!!!!!!!


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I agree with DuckBuster that it should be snug. The short prongs are fine for a lab. However when DuckBuster said that it is a correctional tool that is only partially true. When you first start using the ecollar it should be used only to emphasize commands. This means you shouldn't even start using it until you know the dog understands the command and will obey them no matter what outside stimulus is going on. Then once the dog is a machine with the commands you can use it as a correctional tool.

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heh, heh, I thought I would get this kind of feed back when mentioning I got a collar.
Thats cool though, theres probably alot of abuse that goes on with these things.
My dog has her commands down good, actually excellent, but thats when she is listening.

You know the old "hmmmm, is he talking to me?" thing.
I will be useing it to enforce mainly one command, at this is "come"

She is fine with it , until a deer runs out, a bird gets up and I dont shoot it, then shes too, focused on that then doing any listening to me.
She has not come back on my command before, and then proceeded to flush the bird again WAYYYY out of my shooting range.
So this is what I will need to correct her on,
I will be useing it as little as possible, and ofcourse starting with the lowest stim. level and play it from there, but I think she'll catch on o.k.

By the way, she got beat up AGAIN today when I had her out for a run.
Man, cant even walk your dog in this neiborhood anymore. Two large dogs (not sure what they were) busted there chains loose to come after her, gave one of them a pretty good kick.

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I have got to say that, that is one thing that really bothers me when someone is calling your dog when you are telling her to come to you, or to stay.
then theres the ones that, if your dog jumps on them you try to correct her, and they say, "no, thats o.k."
well no its NOT, i'm trying to teach her not to jump on people.
think if your dog jumps like that on your little kid, it wouldn't be o.k. then, would it?

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If your dog won't come (listen to the command) when a deer or pheasant takes off (outside stimulus) then she is not ready for the collar. I would recommend putting her on a check cord until she learns that "come" is a command and it's not an option whether to obey it or not. You are just reinforcing bad habits if this happens and you scream at her to come and she doesn't.

As for people who object to e-collars they are just uninformed and I am not afraid to tell them that. Being able to give the dog a correction while they are a distance away helps to clear up confusion on the dog's part and leads to less corrections in the long run. E-collars get a bad rap by the bad apples who use them as punishment.

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wait a minute now, you just contradicted yourself there between your first and second paragraphs, heh, heh.

After watching the video, I'm sure I'll be doing things right. I have found through lots of reading and talking to different trainers, that folks have a little different twist the way they do things, but most is pretty much the same.
I guess I should have mentioned I will be working with her on this before the collar goes on, and then working with her more before shes off leash, so she DOES know what the correction means.
I do thanyou folks though for the inputs.
keep em coming.

[This message has been edited by Dano2 (edited 09-11-2003).]

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Jeffy045, If a dog can learn that there is no option but obey a command who would need an e-collar or reinforce what???

Dano2, I think you got it right. Your dog knows the come command but won't listen when excited, thats when a remider from the collar helps.Same experiences with mt GSP. Brian

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sounds like you are getting good idvice. the only other thing I would recomend is becareful where you are training her with your collar. I had a run in last night with some one who thought I was the most evil person there was to be using an e-collar.

The confrontation got a little ugly when I found out this person was calling my dog just after I was. Making her turn and head to this person. Once I found out what was happening and talked with the person we left the area.

Good luck

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You're exactly right BDR. I like to refer to the e-collar as a hearing aid. My dogs both know all the commands and 90-95% of the time, I never even touch the collar. But there are times when they are distracted or something. They just need a gentle reminder. I know lots of dog owners that smack their dog's behind if they misbehave. This does a lot more damage than a short stimulus like an e-collar. Both physically and mentally.

Good Fishin!

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After talking with the owner who was calling my dog, she still did not understand what she was doing was wrong. She thought it was so wrong for me to work with my dog with all the distractions of a dog park. I tried to tell her that is exactly what I wanted. I tried to explain that my lab does not need a collar when it is just her and I. Even with all the distractions of the dog park my lab responded to my commands every time. The only time I used the collar was when I did not realize that my lab was also responding to the commands of the other owner. (I feel bad that my lab must have been so confused when she was corrected for just doing what she was told) I quickly determined that it would not matter what I told the other owner and that it was a lost cause.

I feel I some how blew my chance to enlighten some one who is against hunting, but I am not sure she was open minded enough to understand.

Good luck this season with what ever you hunt.

[This message has been edited by Mr. B (edited 09-12-2003).]

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