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Minnesota Sucks


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I never did recieve that permit to take a dump! This state is so G#$ D#$ liberal! I'm born and raised here and I love this state, although I'm so sick and tired of trying to hunt anywhere other than the arrowhead region. I was in North Dakota with my uncased gun across my lap with shells ready to be snapped shut. Not one hunter seen the entire trip. Hundreds of thousands of acres to hunt on in one county. Cops that don't pull you over because you have some snow on your plate and people that don't bitch about guys on thier
land. (Permission given with a smile) Crops that actually had more than a blade of grass in them and birds to be had. I'm sorry, I just have to blow off some steam after hunting a worth-wile state. I didn't have to sit there until 9 and defend birds from the 10 other guys driving by every 20 minutes. I'm still actively involved with Pheasants Forever and am trying to keep faith. I've hunted here my whole life, and always have had fun doing it even though I only see ten birds- And that has not happened for years.
I don't know, but would it be too much to push for a law that restricts farmers from gobbling up every single bit of habitat around. I have nothing against farming, it's a right and it supplies our nation with the ag. we need. One acre of habitat per50 will not break any of them. That's very
weak but it's a start. Let's all get togeather and mow every single F-ing ditch too! It's up to us to do something and I want to start a group that is willing to bug the S#*% out of our people in charge to get something done. With the right group of people, our ditches will not be used for putting practice. We are a dying breed and we need to speak togeather before they pave everything that's not dirt. Pissed - NS

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I think Minnesota will have to relocate about 2 million people to compete with what they have in North Dakota. If someone is willing to relocate me and my family to about a thousand acres near the Garrison dam I'll think about it....NAHHHHH! I'll stay here. I like trees.


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