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ND Pheasant Hunt


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I just got back from ND and ended up haveing a great trip.
We ended up shooting 52 roosters, 42 mallards, 4 snows, 7 chickens, and 8 partrige.

The hunting in North Dakota is amazing, There were all kinds of birds everywhere.
We would jump small creeks and 500 mallards would get up - More like a thousand but I want you to believe me. The sky would be just covered with green heads.

I could have bought a $5 swan tag and would have had a million chances too shoot one.
We ended up only jumping one flock of snow geese about 300-400 birds and did end up getting 4 snows. But they were all pretty much on the move not staying where we were.

The PHEASANT hunt was AWSOME!!!
We could have shot are limit everyday.
We worked our dogs til there paws were bloody, they didnt want to quit either, but we gave them a few days rest.
In the morning you would see 20-30 birds in the road eating gravel. Then jump 50-60 a day in the fields.
Every where you looked you saw birds, some land posted but lots of nice people over there they would let you hunt if you asked.

We had some pretty cold weather, snow for 3 days and pretty windy to be on the boat so I didnt get any fishing in. We drug the boat up for nothing.
But with the birds we saw it made up for it.

I have some great pics of the trip I will try to get them posted here if I can figure out how to attach them.

Sounds like lots of people are haveing good trips. Blackjack Great shooting isnt it a BLAST!!!

Cant wait for Friday

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"Three hours west of Jamestown" puts you west of the Missouri River. Care to be a bit more specific on location?

Thanks. That must have been some memorable trip.

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We were North of Lake Sakakawea one day and around Williston and we were all the way over to Montana.
We went thought so many little towns I didnt really pay attention to many of the names. There were towns with only seven eight people liveing there. Not very many people in North Dakota But great hunting land.
As soon as we got into ND we started seeing birds and the whole way back. You dont have to drive as far as we did to get birds.

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Typically the far west is less productive than the mid-state counties. And, the area just south of Sakakawea west to Buelah and Halliday is good.

You had a great trip. Congrats on a super hunt.

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Mott may have a lot of birds, but it is posted tight and not many people let you on. I was really frustrated the day we went near Mott. I will not return. Of course we did things the right way, asking permission and respecting No Hunting signs. Many of the people that we saw did not.

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Ya, I know what you mean, I have heard this many times so I never bothered to go that far, but I hear there are a ton of birds.
I usually go around the Lisbon area,
hunt with guys from work that their families have farms around there so its nice to have alot of land access, but always have to put up with the non- res. slamming.
Well it doesn't sound good for next year any way,
But I hope they dont do the 5 day 2 week deal that I heard about or ND pheasant hunting is done for me.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      You could do Isanti to St. Francis also.  About mid way is Anderson Park that has a small sandy access.  Anderson Park to St. Francis had fewer but some bigger fish while Isanti to Anderson Park had better numbers and not as many big fish.   All upstream from Isanti to the access on Hwy 95 can be hit or miss but if you hit it, it can be good.   Up to 16’s is fairly common bit there are enough 16-20’s to not be shocked if you get one or more.   I’d never admit to this while I lived there. 😉
    • Kettle
      Some pressure but nothing like lake fishing 
    • Kayak1310
      Hey thanks guys, I appreciate your input. It sounds like this float might be best to put off a year when the water is up a little higher. I'll check the gage next summer and see how it looks. I was hoping to get into some 18 to 20" fish (aren't we all), so maybe they will have moved back in there by then.   Does the stretch south of St. Francis get very much pressure on it? I'll have to give it a look.    
    • Kettle
      Little more narrow up there, if I were to do it, I'd float St Francis to Andover. Shallow yes but it's a good stretch to fish
    • gimruis
      I fished it further south near Milaca/Princeton a couple times in late July.  It was OK then but dropping.  The second time we definitely bumped more rocks and grounded out in a couple riffles.  I use a 10 foot jon boat that can float through a couple inches of water.  We caught 15-20 smallmouth both times, but nothing over 16 inches.  I think the drought last year sent the bigger fish out of there.  It may take a few years to recover.   You can check the flow on the DNR website.  There is a live gauge right in Onamia.  Anything below 11 feet is too low for me.   https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/waters/csg/site.html?id=21018002    
    • JBMasterAngler
      Water is really low. It’s definitely doable, but there will be a lot of spots you’ll have to get out and pull. Fallen trees in low water might be your biggest obstacle. Should be plenty of smallies to catch. They’ll be concentrated in any deep pools you come across.
    • gimruis
      Lol he broke a muskie drought that had started in 2006.  16 years without a legal muskie!
    • leech~~
      Well you're are! 😆 Step 4 Your satirical essays should be humorous.
    • Caleb9
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    • Caleb9
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