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Muskie Information for Sugar

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For some reason I thought about going out to Sugar at the end of this week in search of my first muskie. I have been out a couple of times this last summer in search of them but I have never caught any.
I'm wondering what you guys might know about fishing for them in general or specifically fishing for them on Sugar Lake.

I dont have much tackle for them. As a matter of fact all I have is a large, white bucktail called a muskie killer and a king-sized black and silver floating Rapala.

As far as Rods and a reel, I have a 7 ft medium-heavy g-loomis IMX or a 6 1/2 ft medium heavy GL2. I think these rods should do the trick if I'm basically just experimenting for that morning. Then I have some shimano spinning reels on them that again, should do the trick. The reels all have about 8-10 lb test mono on them, which is probably my biggest flaw. I might need to put something a little stronger than that on.

Things like the time of the day to be out there, or what to use and when to use it or where to use it. Are things I know little about.

If anybody knows anything about this fishing or has suggestions for me, all advice will be greatly appreciated.

...and any shared fall bass locations on Sugar lake would be helpful too. That is if this muskie bite doesnt work out.

thanks a lot

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Out of the south access, the EV just to the left is where I usually see people fishing for them. (Check the DNR's website for lakemaps). I have fished there for muskies a few times, but haven't had much luck. I hear that there are some hogs in there though. I am in a similar situation, I have a muskie rod, but not the best reel for muskies. I'd go as heavy of a rod as possible & get some of the braided rope-like line. Timewise, I have no idea. I'm a muskie rookie.

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Loebs93- I tell my customers to use the heaviest bass gear they have. As for line the minimum to use would be 30 lb test.
Lighter will work but playing a fish a long time will stress the fish causing muscle failure. and soon death.

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