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Hydro...gotta a question for ya...

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Hydro...you out there?
Went to Constance tonight. Lots of action. Marked tons-o-fish. Caught 15,
mostly smallish (5"-6") sunfish where I was at, (out from the ramp, veering a
little south) in 14', released them all. I talked to 2 other guys who were about
30 yards (in 15') and 60 yards (in 18') respectively, to the south of me. They
were catching some crappies (these were tiny, though)...
My question to you is...have you ever fished the opposite side of the lake? I
mean there wasn't one single house past the area in front of the access
where we were at.
One of the guys I spoke with, was his first time there too. We looked at my
lakemap and wondered about the 23' hole (on the other side of the lake).
We both walked over and talked to the third guy and asked him if anyone
fishes the other side and said he was over there once and it was shallow.
Wonder if he knew of the 23' hole on the map?

Do you know why no one was over there? Is there dangerous ice or

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...but, is it safe to drive a vehicle over to the 23' hole, or is there a reason no one's driving out there? (unsafe ice?, springs?)

Anyone know?

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Sorry for the delay but I was out of town last week.

It sounds like you have found what Constance has to offer. It's pretty much a classic dishpan lake without any significant structure. I have been over it in the summer and the center of the lake did not have any significant drops or holes. Average fis size runs small but there is a large population that will keep you busy.

The 23' depth at the opposite end of the lake looks good but the last time I was out there it was too far to walk. It may hold a school of crappies but I bet the size wont be much different than what you have already seen.

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Sorry, no idea about how safe the ice is to drive on. Myself, I wouldn't drive anywhere that isn't well traveled.

The country to the west of Buffalo is hilly and loaded with springs, so it goes to figure that many of the lakes will have moving water of some sort. The middle of Constance is probably just fine but if you decide to go be careful.

[This message has been edited by hydro (edited 02-18-2003).]

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The plan was to hit Mink/Somers but...went back out to Constance today instead ("due to time constraints"). Limited out on sunnies and had 3 crappies, one crappie was real nice...drove out to the area in the middle and found the 23' depth. Worked it for awhile, but it was early, so not much action even though we marked a lot of fish. Looks to be a good spot at night...but had to leave the lake by 5pm. We moved in towards the eastside and found some action during the middle of the day, which was good. --AK

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