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Where to fish with the wife along?

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Hey guys, wanna go out Sunday for awhile. Was wondering if there's a lake around the Monticello/Buffalo area that has a good panfish bite going. My wife gets bored REAL fast with icefishing, but she loves sunfish! (and crappies too...but don't we all?)
If I can keep her interested she "mite git ta likin' dis here icefishin' ting"...--AK

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Well, didn't get out this weekend. Worked on the basement somemore...
Realized that my tackle box is gone missing! (It was brand new)...oh well, gotta replace it this week.
Still would like to know if around Monticello there is a good panfish bite for the wife and I to "engage" in...Thx for any good info.--Andy

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Try Constance, just to the northwest of Pulaski on Co. 113(across 25). Out from the access on the north side in 6 to 8 ft of water should produce action for sunfish. Stay in the weeds and you should do fine. Not a lot for large fish, but the action is usually good.

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Cool...thanks a lot Hydro...she likes panfish action... smile.gif


...hey, I just pulled up the DNR Lakefinder Data for Constance (which happens to be my wife's name, how cool is that!)...it shows great panfish numbers for the Survey Year 2001. Thanks again...

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Hydro...you out there?
Went to Constance tonight. Lots of action. Marked tons-o-fish. Caught 15, mostly smallish (5"-6") sunfish where I was at, (out from the ramp, veering a little south) in 14', released them all. I talked to 2 other guys who were about 30 yards (in 15') and 60 yards (in 18') respectively, to the south of me. They were catching some crappies (these were tiny, though)...
My question to you is...have you ever fished the opposite side of the lake? I mean there wasn't one single house past the area in front of the access where we were at.
One of the guys I spoke with, was his first time there too. We looked at my lakemap and wondered about the 23' hole (on the other side of the lake).
We both walked over and talked to the third guy and asked him if anyone fishes the other side and said he was over there once and it was shallow. Wonder if he knew of the 23' hole on the map?

Do you know why no one was over there? Is there dangerous ice or something?

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    • Wanderer
      Who are these leech and kettle guys going back and forth??? 😉
    • leech~~
      Well just for the Halibut, you could try salmon or Cod! 😆
    • Kettle
      I've heard it you nail them to a board, smoke them, throw away the fish then eat the board they can be good?
    • Kettle
      Alaska lacks the population of walleye that I need to survive 
    • Mike89
      carp can be fun to catch!!
    • leech~~
      What's wrong with drift fishing if you have some wind? I do it all the time with good results. 👍
    • smurfy
      In my opinion not one that big. Smaller ones if done right are good. But I've had 1 to many bad ones too ever get near a smoked carp again 
    • BobT
      I was out alone on Big Sauk Lake on Thursday morning. I brought some leeches and nightcrawlers in search of walleye. I was marking a lot of fish in the 20' - 25' depth range. Some decent sized arches suspended about 10' - 15' down, which I suspected were likely northern pike, and some nice arches near the bottom, which I hoped were walleye. I couldn't seem to connect with any of them and for a while I decided to try shallower to see if there was anything more willing to take.    I moved into about 15' depth and found perch. I could tell they were perch by the way they were nibbling off my bait. At one point they ate everything off my jig up to the hook and l was left with what was on my hook. So, I dropped that over the side and decided to to just let it sit on the bottom to see what happens.   I made myself comfortable and laid my rod across my lap with my hands crossed over it. Yup, I dozed off and in a short time I was awakened when my fishing rod was almost pulled out of my hands! I grabbed my fishing rod and began to fight the fight of a lifetime with a fish! Now, I've caught a few 36" - 40" northern pike and some 25" - 31" walleye and a few 22" - 23" smallmouth on my walleye rigs but never had I experienced a battle like that. I was getting concerned that I would run out of line on my reel a couple times. With my 6# test line it took me about 10 minutes to tire the fish out enough to get it into my landing net. It turned out to be a common carp but what a fun fish to catch! I've never caught one of these before. Lifting it up I estimated it was somewhere between 12 and 15 lbs. I didn't find any regulations about destroying them and learned they are not invasive so I released it.    Are they good smoked?     
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