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Ultimate Team...Present

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Same as the Past thread...have fun...my team will arrive shortly!!

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Here goes my attempt a team. A little personal preference always seems to sneak in.

C- Ivan Rodridgez
1B-Albert Pujos
2B-Alfonzo Soriano
SS-Derek Jeter
3B-Alex Rodriguez
LF-Barry Bonds
CF-Ken Griffey Jr
RF-Vladamir Guerrero
SP-Roger Clemons
SP-Curt Shilling
CP-Eric Gagne

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pretty much a carbon copy of bushwacker.
how impressive has Gagne been this year?

SS-Miguel Tejada
OF-Bonds, Sosa, Beltran
SP-Clemons, Johnson

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First Ice-Mike

If I was going to build a team right now here's how it would go......

C - Joe Mauer
1B - Jim Thome
2B - Jose Vidro
SS - Derek Jeter
3B - A-Rod
LF - Albert Pujols
CF - Carlos Beltran
RF - Vlad
Starting Rotation - Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, Mark Mulder, Mark Prior, and Pedro

Closer - Gagne

Then I'd DH Bonds if they'd let me!!


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ok, here I go, and sticking to my original format by the way...

1b- Thome
2b- Loretta
ss- Young
3b- Mora
c- Pudge
of- Sammy
of- Vlad
of- Ramirez
p- The Big Unit
p- Schilling
p- The Gambler
p- The Rocket
p- Mulder
cl- Gagne
res- Mora
res- Helton
res- Rolen
res- Bonds (as much as I hate to..lol)
res- Dougie Baseball...LOL...would you expect anything less from me?...LOL
Mgr- Don Baylor

[This message has been edited by Tom Herman (edited 07-02-2004).]

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I really like Mora at the hot corner. Excellent pick.

Now for Dougie Ballgame as a reserve smile.gif
Won't go there.

My outfield decision of Sosa over Ramirez may have been in error. Still not sure who I'd rather have THIS YEAR.

My weakest pick was Tejada at SS. But it's my team. Say his name five times out loud and he grows on ya. You have to say his name out loud though.

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Geeze, I have Mora twice!!

I'll put Lewwwwww...down as a reserve...Sorry, I'm such a homer...lol

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arod, arod, arod.. mora...
give me blalock anyday.

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Here's mine, with an eye to having good defense at each position as well as stud hitters...

SS...A-Rod (he's more valuable at SS)
RF...Vlad Guerrero

Bench...Blalock, Ichiro, Sosa, Michael Young, and Piazza (I have every position backed up...Young at 2B/SS, Blalock at 1B/3B), Piazza at C, and two outfielders)

Starting Rotation: Pedro, Randy Johnson, Roy Halladay, Jason Schmidt, and Curt Schilling...as Randy and Curt are getting up in age, get ready to replace them with Javier Vazquez and Mark Mulder (with Prior and Wood not far behind).

Closer...gotta go with Gagne, with honorable mentions to Smoltz and Rivera. Those guys can all dominate the last inning (or two).

A lot of good players left off the list...

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Think putting together a present team is hard? Try doing a past team!!

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C I-Rod
1b Sean Casey
2b Soriano
SS Garciaparra
3b Rolen
OF Bobby Abreu
SP Mulder, Schmidt, Santana
CP Rivera

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Mike89
      that's one of the other lakes!!  LOL!!!!!
    • ozzie
      I honestly have not even attempted to fish the chain in the recent weeks.  This past week my FIL did go on Tuesday to Trout and found a few willing whitefish for the smoker again but he said it got too hot to fish.  On Thursday and Saturday we went to lake further north and found a few willing crappies to keep us active but could not find any walleyes.
    • Rick
      Awesome report. Thanks @Joe
    • Raven77
      I've only fished Birch a couple of times so I'm no expert.  My best walleye on Birch is this 28"er caught on the west end of the lake in mid September .  Caught this one and several eaters trolling Rapala deep taildancers in about 25 FOW.  Since you are new to the lake I recommend hiring a guide for a half day.  If you want the name of a good one you can pm me.
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Great walleye fishing this week.  Lots of limits, plenty of larger slot fish (19.5" - 28") and trophy walleyes (over 28").  The MTT Photo and Release Walleye Tournament winners had over a 9 lb average each for 5 fish both days of the tournament.  Lots of big walleyes in the lake.  Different parts of the lake have different things happening.  In some areas, the mayfly hatch was over.  In other areas, it was just firing up.  Fishing was better where the hatch was not in full force.    The go to presentations are spinners with crawlers or trolling crankbaits.  Nice schools of eaters on the south shore and up north around Garden Island in 10 -15' of water.  More and more walleyes also staged over deep mud in 30 - 34'.  Hammered gold with glow white and gold with glow red strong colors.       On the Rainy River...   Sturgeon anglers catching fish with the evening bite the best.  Fish holes in the river with a 3 ounce no roll sinker and sturgeon rig loaded with crawlers and/or frozen shiners.   Nice smallies in rocky areas.  Pike are also active cruising bays, weed edges and current breaks.  Walleyes out on flats and can be caught with crawler harnesses or trolling crankbaits. Up at the NW Angle...  Until the US / Canada border opens, guests can travel across the lake staying and fishing in MN waters.  There are shuttle services available and fishing for multi species has been excellent.  Check with your favorite NW Angle resort for options.   Fishing has been awesome up at the Angle.  Schools of walleyes on structure, over sand and on mud.  Nice walleyes 8 - 17' on the sand or 25 - 28' around structure.  Big numbers of eaters being caught.  The best presentation continues to be drifting and trolling spinners with a crawler or a minnow.  Pike and smallmouth bass are active in numerous weedy bays. 
    • delcecchi
      Yeah, wife took the grandkids to moosebirds for ice cream and was not impressed with the service or the covid precautions.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Now is there a locomotive somewhere in the lake to find?
    • SkunkedAgain
      I had a pizza when the new folks took over, and it was not good. However, most everything that I have had since then has been really good. I had the walleye tacos this weekend and the weekend before that had the italian beef sandwich. My general sense has been to stick with burgers and sandwiches. They did badly overcook my brother's walleye sandwich and fries the other weekend, but it was a busy night so I get that it happens. They seem to have good crowds every night, so maybe kitchen staffing is an issue.   Last Sunday (a week ago) around noon there were only two girls working at Moosebirds with a line 10 people deep stretching out the door towards the street. My simple guess is that it's a struggle to find enough workers but that could be a naive assumption on my part.
    • Muskies
      Sorry hit the wrong button.... For a place to stay on the Minnesota side of rainy your options are, Thunderbird lodge, Island View lodge or Sha Sha resort. All are 10 -12 miles east of Int’l Falls on Hwy 11. Another option is the new hotel in Rainer which is 3 mile east... I believe it’s called the Cantilever Hotel. Each has positives depending on what you’re looking for...   As for fishing...the walleyes are starting to transition to deep water. I went out for an hour Saturday evening and caught 2...the largest being 25”( in the picture) My wife and I were out from noon to 5 on Sunday (yesterday). We were fishing jig and minnows. Caught 18 walleys; 5 in the slot 14-16”, 1-18 1/2” all the rest 13” or smaller. Did a lot of running around to find active fish. Caught fish in 20’ and saw a lot of mayfly caucuses floating in the water still and a lot of minnows. Water surface temperature was 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s only going to get better...
    • Muskies
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