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Jim W

Lack Luster hitting

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Jim W

I've been told and learned that there are three key positions in Baseball the require offensive production, Center Field, Third Base and Center field.

Well the Twins are in question in all three spots. Ironically, all three spots are fielded and played extremely well, but when they step up......well???

Hate to say it, but Minn-cave-itch, better get the wood on the ball soon or he'll find himself having more time to fish or sell air conditioners!

What is with the as of late, getting called out with the bats laying on shoulders????

Not too long ago there was a Twins Team that kept me interested late into the game, but lately, I am gettimg more things done around the house!!!

A team 245BA for June? Can't contend with that!

Either way GO TWINS and I hope your slump is a short one!

Maybe the VEterans need to take acloser look at LEEEEEEW Fords at bats eh?

Jim W

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Jim W

Good points wade22 and I have to agree for the most.
I guess what I meant by offensive production wasn't necessarily "power", but more on the lines of consistent high batting/ hitting ,putting guys on.

I can only hope that Mr. Hunter will end the season with 90 RBI's considering his place in the line-up..he better.

As far as career BA prediction, don't know, but it is prrrrty darn ugly right now!

I guess I was a bit frustrated watching the last few games get pissed away from guys looking at strikes and not being aggressive at the plate.


We could use a strongermiddle reliever and a #5 man in the rotation as well!


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I strongly disagree with the contention that center field has to be a power position. Look around the league. Not exactly sluggers in center. It's a challenging defensive position that requires both range and an exemplary arm. Both of which Hunter has. He'll end up a career .275 hitter with about 90 ribbies/year, which is alright considering he's giving a gold glove in center.
Your power positions are traditionally third base, first base and left field. Usually your right fielder needs to have a strong arm, so the better defensive fielder is often put in right. But tomatoes/tommatas. Your hot corner, first bag and one fielder needs to produce at the plate.
Positions that are all about defense are your middle infielders, catcher and center field. I suppose pitchers count towards this number as well, even though Johann Santana has about as many RBIs as Dougie Baseball.

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    • creepworm
      That is a fair opinion. My opinion is that as long as the safe harvest level is not exceeded, I really don't care if it takes them 1 day, 6 months, or a whole year; or if they are using hook and line, nets, or dynamite. That is the tribes choice to make.   Some people go home to a super model every night; I do not. Some people have billions of dollars; I do not. Some people can net walleye on Red Lake; I can not. Life is not and never will be fair.
    • Lotharski
      Thanks Chill, I really enjoy reading your posts.  On a quick update for me, I went out for the first time of the year on Nov. 23rd on a small lake by DL.  Had around 5" of ice and had to drill about 40 holes before we found the crappies and gills.  They were not super aggressive, but we were able to land one limit of keeper size crappies and also some nice gills.  Went out for the second time on Dec. 7th by Lake Park.  With the warm weather, still only found about 5" of good ice and 3" of slush on time.  Fishing was much slower and only caught a few perch.  Thank goodness for the Muck Arctic Armor boots for keeping the feed dry and warm in that slush!!
    • Xplorer
      Seriously???   You dont even know that the Red Lakes are not, and never were, a part of the 1837 treaty or part of the Ceded territory, yet you spout off here as if its fact? Take that carp back to the Mille Lacs forum where it belongs.    If you want a little FACT finding mission, take a look for the maps of the 1837 and 1854 ceded territories.  Not even close to Red Lakes. I'll save ya the difficult google search, heres the maps for both https://data.glifwc.org/ceded/ So stop biatching about a system that is working on the Red Lakes.  Its been the best walleye lake in MN basically since it reopened in 2006.  And yes, I have fished it every year since then, how about you????   Tried to see if I could find even one fishing report from you on this forum........ crickets.  
    • Rick
      We all have an interest in maintaining the lake. I thank god we have this gem to fish and am grateful it's producing again. I'm grateful to all those who worked on the recovery for all of us to enjoy and/or gain economic benefit from.   If people like you came in to the place you made your livelihood (subsistence) and told you how to produce your goods or services, how well would you listen?   A fish meal is a fish meal no matter how it was gathered.   Let's find a positive way to co-exist with each other. The bitterness is not becoming nor is it productive.
    • gimruis
      I think they should just stop using nets.  If they want fish, they should have to use fish and line like everyone else.  Just my personal opinion.
    • gimruis
      Well played
    • rumeye
      Start eating more Smallmouth they are not bad had them in Canada once put side by side with walleye couldn't hardly tell the difference. I know the bass guys are probably going to rip me for saying that but what the heck why not eat em.😀
    • bowhuntingboy1
      I dont know.  In my experience at mille lacs, which was a few years back, i saw no shortage of tiny perch and crayfish and I know there is also tulibee in there
    • walros
      I like to think that there are too many predator fish (walleye, northern, musky and small mouth bass) for the available forage base to sustain. You can't have everything at once yet here the DNR is trying to make the lake into everyone's dream lake. One of the predator fish has been stocked (Musky) and one protected (small mouth bass)  allowing the natural balance to tilt away from walleyes. This happened because of intense political lobbying efforts of the groups that support these types of fishing activities.
    • Thomas_Z
      Guys, please, recommend me a sleeping bag for two that would be warm and thick anought to lie even on snow. I am going to purchase TETON Mammoth from this list https://outdoorsy.org/best-double-sleeping-bag, but if you have something that you can rely on, please, let me know. Do not want to risk it with purchasing something unknown
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