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I see you had some success on Rush. I have never been there but am going on Thursday. Any Tips? I also see that Rush is a larger lake. We plan to fish West Rush, is there more than one public launch? Any feedback greatly appreciated and if you ever need any info on Mille Lacs let me know, I spend a few days there every week. Thanks Tim (mayfly)

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The only launch that I know of and the only one I have gone to is on the west side of west. There are resorts that you can launch from, but I believe that they will charge you. We weighed one of northerns and it was 8.5 lbs. another one was about the same size, we had some difficulty reviving the first one so we didn't weigh it, just let it go right away. The 3rd one was a little smaller, so we figure that was about 5 lbs or so. Look for humps and weed lines. We tried to get close to the weed lines and tried to go up one side and down the other of the humps. We tried live bait, got some bites but decided to give trolling with raps a shot and it seemed to pay off. MilleLacs was one of my favorites. Went there many times last year..... this year didn't get there as much. Usually, take off from Cove or I*a*y's. I wish that I could meet you at Rush tomorrow and actually show you where we were, but some people have to work. Good Luck and have fun!!!
Wishing I was there,

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Just my luck..I got pretty sick last week and never even made it out!! Its probably good you haven't been to Mille Lacs this year. Especially lately. Earlier in the year all the way through June I did have some excellent fishing. I found a spot this year that is unbelievable. Sometimes one after another. Never did see or have seen a boat fishing this area either. Its my little gold mine.

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    • macgruber
      Was a few years ago, but wade fly fished upstream of 53 for a half day.  Tried every popper and minnow pattern fly in my box with no success.  Finally in the middle of the day switched to a larger brown bugger that looked like a crayfish and caught them till I got tired of it.  Unless things have changed, there’s a lot of bass in there.  Not a ton of size, but every now and then you’ll pop a nice one.
    • macgruber
      This looks awesome, your kids are about the same age as mine.  I’m really excited to show them the north woods next week, hopefully a few fish cooperate too!
    • redlabguy
      By larger limit, I meant 6, not 4 walleyes. I count released fish as part of the limit, too. Nothing wrong with a 15” by any means, but we had larger fish we could keep.
    • Jarrid Houston
      Yes, smallies thrive in the upper reaches of select areas of the St Louis. Lots of structure to get caught up in, but great small mouth habitat.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I'm about to take my brother and niece over to experience the Soudan Mine tour this weekend. I've driven there before but he inquired about boating to the mine. With the new state park, is there a public boat dock anywhere nearby where one could hike a mile or so from the lake to the mine entrance? I don't make it to the east end too often so my knowledge of bays and landmarks is pretty limited.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Isn't that the mantra for muskie fishermen?
    • chaffmj
      Went fishing on Basswood on Sunday. It rained all day but we had a good time thanks to Mike Stark and The Ely Fishing Guide Company.
    • Wanderer
      Never seen it myself but I looked at the satellite images and thought it looked worth a float.  The dam would probably tell you what you want to know.  Couple good gravel bars too.  Maybe the water is dark or it is mainly deeper - that I can’t tell.   I fished the Cloquet a little where 53 and 33 meet and found good action so I’m assuming the St. Louis would be similar in that area?
    • Hoey
      I spent the past 11 days at my cabin, fished 8 of those days and got some projects completed.  Fished Father's Day weekend with my FIL, 2-BILs, and my son, then High School friends this past weekend.  Both groups went home with limits with plenty of fish to eat during our stay.    Yes the bite was tough.  We moved around a lot and did what the weather allowed.  No real patterns, depths, colors, baits, or presentations.  Just put in time looking for them.  I'd say the bite was OK/good, a 5 out of a possible 10.  Some days slot fish were the rule.  My biggest was 29.5.  Some of the fish are already very fat, while others seemed to be on the slimmer side yet.     One day both the Coast Guard and the CO where working an area we were fishing.  Seemed like the CO found issues with 2 out of every 3 boats checked.  The CG seemed to find issues with 1 out of every 4 or so - ended their day escorting a charter boat back to the Rainy direction.  Sounded like they were working the NW Angle this past week.  We were ready, but did not get checked.     I will be up with my wife the week of the 4th, arriving Monday or Tuesday and heading back on Saturday to avoid the traffic.  
    • ozzie
      I did not get out this past weekend due to weather and wind but the weekend before we started to make contact with walleyes but only seemed to find the 13-15" fish.  We caught them in the 14-20ft range using jigging raps, rapalas, and lindy with a worm.  We caught a couple on Cross and the others on Whitefish.  I am going to try and slip up there for a night or 2 this weekend with the weather predicted to be nice and see if I can't find a few fish.  Good luck!