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what is your secrets to catch big bass?

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I just want to know what kind of lures you guys are using to catch all of your fish. Go Scottie-To-Hottie.


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Just kidding!

Mostly worms....Texas rigged!

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Most of my big 'uns have been on plastics; either Texas or Carolina-rigged. Some have been with 10" worms. Although one of my biggest over the last few years (22") came off of a fat gitzit and an ultra-light combo.

God bless,
Judd Yaeger
Yaeger Guides (Twin Cities Guides) www.yaegerweb.com/guide

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Thought I'd chime in here. A couple weeks ago I got a 19.5" Largemouth in shallow water on a Terminator spinner bait.

Two days ago I got an 18.25" Largemouth on a senko. The senko was the only lure I could get anything on. Again shallow water next to bullrushes.

Also, a couple weeks back I got a 19.5" and 20" smallie on bass jig and texas rigged worm. The river was high then and they were pushed against the shoreline with some slack current. Nice fun fish!

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This time of year its weed walking time!!
I like the 1/4 ounce WeedWalkerII in
chartruese. These baits are by Norman Lures out of Arkansas. They go where no other buzz
can. Nearly every other buzz-bait
have blades that spin like airplane
propellers,which is great when you fish
pads,and weeds that are below the surface.
These are not so great for the thicker
and heavier concentrations of weeds
that you encounter this time of year.
Thats where the WeedWalkers kick butt.
They use paddle-boat style blades that
are up inside the body of the lure.
Even on heavy, matted vegatation, they
will spurt gurgle and even put a rooster
tail of water going if you crank on them

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Yesterday, all but one of our big bass came on large buzzbaits. Casting spinnerbaits landed us a bunch of northerns and only one bass.


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Hey TUMBLEWEED where do you find thsoe buzzbaits? We have only tried proptops but we cannot hook them!! Do you hook most of your fish with the buzz? I just think that they sound perfect for where we fish, because we fish in alot of places were we cant get a buzz through.


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