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Hey Labrat!

I do not have much to report from East or West Rush because work has kept me away from drilling any holes! I can report that there must be plenty of ice because they are driving all over the lake. Sorry I could'nt help ya much more than that!

Cory Frantzick

Visit us on the web at www.Athomeonthelake.com

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Thanks Cory!
Man, I couldn't be drivin on it now, I'd be able to shoot BBs at supersonic speed out the back end. Might get out for a walk this weekend if the snow stays south though.

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How bout a little info!

Let's crank it up in here!

What up with: Linwood
East/West Rush
ICE good Ice bad?

Come One Come All, let's not let this room die out here!!!!

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The ice on west is about 2 feet thick. There are still people driving on Minnetonka and Waconia. Theres about 18 inches on these lakes. I hear they are driving on Chisago also.

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Well.. so much for that walk out on Sat. I don't mind sliding the gear across the ice, but trudgin across the Tundra through 14" of snow just isn't my way to relax!

Thanks for the posts guys! Time for me to put a scrub on the Lund, and wait for fairer skies!!!

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