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Frankly, I think you've been a huge asset to this forum. Your information is straight-forward and helpful.

Either someone is looking for trouble, or wants to quell the positive talk about Rush. That's not what this site is about, in case he hasn't noticed. It's pretty hard to keep a secret in the fishing world these days. The word on Rush has been out for years now. This site is about the sharing of information.


I've never met Cory, but he's been around this site since its beginning. He's contributed to the site and to this forum an awful lot. He seems like a pretty nice guy and I've never witnessed him trying to drum up business under the guise of talking fishing. When he became a member in 1999, there were few rules about unauthorized links. He recently removed his contact information from his auto-signature because someone complained about it. His link remains and I really couldn't care less about that.

Please stay, Esoxuous

I'd hate to think that we're turning this site into some zero-tolerance elementary school.

(Man! I've been on my soap-box for 3-4 days now.....I'm gettin' tired of spouting off so much!) smile.gif

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Keep up the good work. Your contributions are appreciated.


Get off your soapbox and go fishing.

I will reduce the negativity, right now.

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