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I fished East Rush in shallow water this weekend to try something new for eyes, but no luck. Lots of people. Also, a Jeep tried driving through the channel between the two lakes and fell through on the East side. He was pulled out safely. I did do well for eyes on Mille Lacs again on the flats.

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What a knucklehead! He tried to drive a vehicle hrough the channel? There is open water on the East side of the channel. Some people! If you ever need someone to hit the lake with let me know!
Cory Frantzick

Visit us on the web at www.Athomeonthelake.com

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How do you even begin dialogue with your fishing partner to decide to do something so idoitic?

Neal: "Bob, throw me another beer."

Bob: "This is the last one, Neal. Man, told you we should have brought two cases."

Neal: "Boy, fishing is really slow on West Rush here in 2ft. of water."

Bob: "Yeah, I heard there's more than 2ft. of water on East Rush, and there's lots of people catching fish there. I don't know how we'd get over there though."

Long pause, they're really thinking hard.

Neal: "I hear there's a channel between the this lake and that one."

Bob: "Where, I don't see one?"

Neal: "It must be over there where that snowmobile just came from."

Bob: "What snowmobile?"

Neal: "You know, the one that just went by with the guy holding a bottle of Jack Daniels."

Bob: "Oh yeah. That must be the trail between the lakes. Let's go."

I've always suspected that "Dumb and Dumber" was a documentary.

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yeah, I can't believe it either. I like the role playing though from Bornofice. An old neighbor of mine pulled him out, but the only kicker is that that neighbor dropped his bobcat in a couple of years ago too! I guess these guys are just attracted to this area.
Nothing personal Cory, but I'd just like postin reports.

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