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What can you tell me about Goose?
I tried a few years ago but when I got to the landing on the north side I found I could get my boat off the trailer but there was no way I would ever get it back on. I would love to fish Goose for 'Eyes. What do you do to get on this lake with a boat?

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Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I was a little tied up over the weekend.

Here's what I know about Goose. It can be a very good walleye lake early in the year. The fish are ususally fairly shallow on a sand bottom that has some weedgrowth. The guys I know that do the best on early season walleyes still fish. Slip bobber and a fathead or a leech. They try to find "clearcuts" in the early season vegetation. On overcast, they'll pitch these rigs up against the reeds. Once the fish vacate the shallows, all bets are off. There's a fair amount of deeper structure (way more than the DNR maps indicate) and from all reports the walleyes have a tendenacy to relocate frequently. Or, maybe that's the excuse I hear from folks not catching them wink.gif I would say your best summer bet would be trolling cranks along weedlines late in the day or pulling spinner rigs along the weedlines. There's always fish along weedlines in the summer. If you find one walleye, you've probably found several.

Goose can also be a productive panfish lake. There's some respectable crappies and sunfish.

The public access stinks. Shell out the $3 or $4 at the resort and launch there (on the southwest corner of the north lake). Once you launch there a few times, the old timer that owns the resort (if he's still alive) will give you some fairly good info.

Fish Lake bait in Harris stays on top of this lake pretty good. If you buy some bait there, they'll give you some fairly reliable info. They'll also be able to show you what areas to avoid during the ice season. The ice out there gets a little goofy due to some pretty active springs.

Good luck. Let us know how you do in the future.

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