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Jason Boser

Grand Rapids Winnie fishing report 5-31-04

Happy Memorial day to all out there.
Another week of cold and wind up here in the Northland. Winnie is just at 54 degrees water temp as of yesterday. The good news is the fishing is still pretty good. The North shore, Tamarack bay, west shore between Ravens and Mallard point all are doing well. Jig and shiner is still the top bait and they are still in the deeper water 9-11 ft. The deeper humps and bars are even producing some fish but most are over the slot limit.
Sand is producing some nice fish, look for the long flat shorelines or the bars out in the middle of the lake with a jig and minnow. Round Lake is doing well, there the shoreline is the best but they are starting to get them on the main bar too. Boswstring is also getting fish this year around the river channel and the north shore.
The fishing is starting off to a nice year with lots of fish around the area lakes. Good luck fishing and if you need more info contact me.

Jason Boser
Fishing fever guide service
[email protected]

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Well we didn't fair the best on Bowstring this trip. we managed a meal of walleye but it took some work. Shorelines in 10 to 15 Ft but we did get on in 8 Ft. we seemed to get bit on minnows and leaches about the same. Some of the fish we cleaned were stuffed and I mean stuffed with small minnows and Young of year pearch. we also had more little hammer handle pike than I can count.
I don't think I have ever woren my carharts on Memoral weekend and felt cold before. What weather!!! ish!
With the drift sock out at one point I was drifting at 1.1 mph. I'm now gonna go look into getting a second sock.
hope you all had better luck that we did/

Crappie it's not just a fish it's a attitude!

IBOT #23

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Sounds like our weekend also. Fish Bowstring with 10-12 little northerns for every walleye. Only fished bowstring one day and found a couple small walleyes that went back.

Tried Jessie, nothin'. I've fished Jessie a handful of times in the past year and caught a few fat perch and a couple northerns. For a lake with alot of hype, I haven't found the fish... yet.

Also tried little bowstring, and fished through some nasty wind and rain. Kept telling myself with SE winds sustained for two or three days, the fish should be stacked on the northwest shoreline. But nothin'

Great weekend, poor weather, fishin is always great.

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Tim O

We had a couple of boats that did very well last weekend (one caught about 50 walleyes , first time ever on the lake)and other boats that fish the lake alot had only a few or none.
It was a tough weekend with rain and a sw wind the whole time.
The best bite is still to come.


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    • MarkB
      I haven't posted on the forum for a couple of years now, mainly because I don't have the opportunity to fish Vermilion on a regular basis anymore. With that said, I do have a bit of experience fishing that fabulous lake and, when I did fish the lake, I kept a fairly detailed journal of every day that I fished. Comparing only 6 years, from 2010 through 2015, it appears that I spent the majority of time during the first week in August, fishing only 2 places: the south shoreline of Birch point from the point where 15' of water starts to the channel that separates Strawberry Island and Birch point. Now that is quite a distance for a trolling run but I have consistently caught fish all along that area in 12-20' of water. You just have to fish it to find where they are any particular day. The second spot I fished was a hump that rises up to ~12' straight south of Moose Island. It's a fairly large hump and the surrounding water is ~ 25' deep. I liked to get right up on the hump especially if a slight west wind was blowing. Navionics chip will make the hump easy to find (approx. 1/4 mi south of Moose). My go-to bait in August is 1/2 crawler on a red Gamakatsu hook or a #4 Slow Death hook, 4'  fluorocarbon leader, and a 3/4 or 1 oz bottom bouncer. I placed a red bead above the hook and added a orange/yellow in line floater at times. If all fails, fish the same area with Shad Rap in Firetiger. Remember to stay trolling slow when rigging. .4-.6mph is about right.  Good Fishing, MarkB😀  
    • Rick
      Don't forget Rapidan.
    • Sofishticated
      Had a lot of luck catching cats this summer. The pre-spawn bite at the end of June was awesome! All fishing from shore. Slowed down the last couple of weeks, think they started spawning. All of these were caught from shore and in the 10-25 lbs range. Surprised I didn't hook into any bigger ones, I know they're in there. Been a lot of fun, though.  
    • Sofishticated
      I use the bitsey bug jigs with good success.   My personal favorite is a rebel craw crankbait. 
    • Sofishticated
      Struggled with the same thing on lakes around mankato. A bit of a drive but lake Hanska by new ulm has good access. Mostly do river fishing because of this.
    • Rick
      The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will begin herbicide applications on select state lands to improve reforestation efforts. Applications will begin around August 15 and continue through approximately September 20 on select parcels in the Remer State Forest in the vicinity of the Pine Tree Hunter Walking Trail. Signs will be posted on all herbicide treatment sites. Adjacent landowners within a quarter mile of the treatment sites have already been notified. Herbicides will not be applied within 100 feet of any waterbody, following DNR herbicide application guidelines. The DNR plants trees on state lands to reforest harvested areas, provide wildlife habitat, protect watersheds, and maintain healthy forests. Part of the reforestation process involves applying herbicides to the harvested areas prior to or following tree planting. Herbicides are sprayed on the ground after reforestation to reduce competing woody vegetation. This gives tree seedlings a better chance to grow and survive. In smaller treatment areas, herbicides are sprayed from the ground.  In large treatment areas, helicopters do aerial spraying using precise GPS-guided mapping. The DNR uses minimal amounts of herbicide only when absolutely necessary. The DNR uses a non-neonicotinoid herbicide that has been proven safe for bees and other pollinators. This past spring in the DNR’s Deer River work area, the Forestry Division planted more than 14,000 seedlings on 60 acres, and an additional 118 acres were seeded. Statewide, more than 1.9 million seedlings were planted on state forest lands and more than 5,300 acres were seeded this year. For additional information on sites treated with herbicide in the Deer River work area, contact John Segari at 218-246-8343. More information about the DNR’s Forestry Division can be found on the DNR website at mndnr.gov/forestry. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • woody1975
    • Wanderer
      I haven’t seen it for a while so I couldn’t tell ya for sure, but I bet the Rum is high too with all the rain that’s come through central MN.  I used to live on it near Isanti up til 4 years ago, and have fished it from the Walbo access to nearly St. Francis.  The Miss in Central has been high most of the season so far.   You’d have more back water and oxbows to try on the areas around Walbo and that could be your saving grace if the water is high.  You run out of those once you get down to the Cambridge area.  The flip to that is I usually felt there were more pike and eyes through that range with the bass picking up once you got south of Isanti.   The deer flies will probably be horrendous around this time - FYI.  Just be prepared and you can manage.  Cover your head.  I wore a hoody even in the summer.  I haven’t been in thick deer flies with a HUK mask yet so I don’t know if they can do the same job.   If someone reports the water Is normal and clear, I’d hit it.  If not, I’d pick a lake.   Good luck!
    • JBMasterAngler
      I haven’t fished the “scummy rummy” in Isanti County area in well over 20 years. Since the St. Croix is too high for my liking this week, I was thinking of giving it a try again. What area is considered better bass waters? I think Walbo was the spot I fished back in the day, but I’m sure the river has changed since then.
    • Raven77