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I cant take it anymore mad.gif I need to get my boat in the lake!! Work is driving me crazy and I keep seeing these guys on T.V. catching big largies and smallies. I know I could outfish these shmucks if only my favorite fishin' hole wasnt FROZEN SOLID.
I think I just have a bad case of cabin fever. grin.gif
Not much activity on this forum as of late.

any educated guesses on when the Ice will go?

I am hoping for April 17th. shocked.gif

Big Island Dude
[email protected]

Ice fishin SUCKS...
But I do it anyway.

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Personally, I like the ice and will hate to see it go but I can't golf with snow on the ground. It will be nice to get the boat out though and chase after those fish that way. I do have to say there are some really good bass lakes around the area although I don't target them much. Last year I got a bunch of dandy bass while fishing northern. All C & R, I don't eat bass in summer but they are a blast to catch. I didn't realize bass liked heavy sucker minnows but I think I caught more bass than northerns last year on them. Now that I think about it I guess I am getting cabin feaver also, I better go check the boat out, after I get back from some ice fishing!!!
Almost forgot, I think your pretty close on the ice out!!!

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    • Parmer
      Up on mille lacs isle bay. 13.5 inches of ice and half ton trucks out here. Fishing is slow. 1 Walleye last night at 845. Moving the house deeper today. 
    • Cret Jigs
      Got to work the weekend ... good luck guys!!  Will be checking in to see what these fish look like 😉
    • monstermoose78
      I am going to check some local lakes today 
    • Wanderer
      Thanks @knoppers.   I’m about to head over to that general area.  Makes me wonder if I should load the wheeler.
    • Sherman
      What length of the HT BLUES are you looking for? I've seen some 24" @ Walmart stores. Some in the rod/reel combos n some just the rod itself. I got my 30" frm Frankie's bait in Chisago so if you're in that area you can check it out or give them a call. I remember seeing some @ Blue Ribbon baits in Maplewood also. You can also give them a call. I hope this helps.
    • Chetta09
      Fish went deeper durring the day today. Not easy cracking the code this year
    • brrrr
      I shoot through the bottom..  Use plumbers putty to make a ring and use some to keep the diversity in place.   I just add enough water to make a good conductor.  Works great.  No worries about snagging the ducer outside the boat.  As for finders I have an old fish eagle, buddy just picked up a battery operated color unit from amazon says it worked good.  
    • knoppers
      I just got a report from nextdoor that we have 8-10 inches.  
    • Mike89
      that lake is something else!!!
    • Mike89
      you down by the DNR access?  maybe by Joe's marine???  good luck to ya!!!  and it's going to change more too!!