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Darn asian ladybugs are back.......

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Regular lady bugs are more red with black spots. The lady asian beetles are orange with black spots.

Lady bugs don't bite, well I don't think they do, but the asian beetles sure do.

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I went to Mills looking for a bug bomb and the guy working gave me this stuff with Permicitrin(sp?). He said a guy called the U of M wanting to know what works with Asian Beetles and cluster flies. I start spraying the south side of the cabin at the end of Sept until we got some good freeze. I try to spray every couple days just to be safe. And for the record they don't actually bite they pinch you. No matter what it still hurts.


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Neiko....Well, I figure that if the beetles use two little fingers, on the hands at the ends of their skinny little arms/legs and twist a little flesh, thats a pinch!

If they somehow use some part of their little beetle mouths to get ahold of you, thats a bite!

A bite, a pinch, either way, a little rubber mallet, or a small ballpeen hammer, in a 1/4 arc, will fix them every time!

It's kind of hard on cars, windows, siding and it is not reccommended for children under 12 years of age, but it gets er done!

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