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Horsepower for Ice Auger

Mr Special

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I personally would recommend a 2hp due to the weight of a 3hp. Now if you're wondering which size blade will cut faster 8" vs 10". The 8" will cut faster because less surface area and friction. If you go with a turbo blades Vs. chippers it will cut faster also. I have an Eskimo Barracuda 2hp with turbo blades and can cut through faster then any of the buds augers. The only down side is those turbo blades don't last as long, I usually go through a set a season.

Good luck

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If you switch back and forth between 8" & 10" you might want to go with a 3hp. An 8" w/3hp works great but throw on a 10" and you feel the difference. I'm sure you know ratio's pretty well.

" Throw a set of bigger tires on your truck and it will definately slow it down "

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A 2hp is going to be lighter, and if you plan on cutting a lot of holes and moving around a lot I would go with a 2hp. But, if you are going to be cutting through thick ice all the time and plan on staying put most of the time then I would go with the 3hp.

An 8 inch hole will get cut faster than a 10 inch no matter what hp you have. If you are going to cut a lot of 10 inch holes than I would go with the 3hp as well.

I use a 2hp, mostly because I like to punch a lot of holes and cover a lot of area. The 2hp is lightweight and cuts a pretty quick 8 inch hole.

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson
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What kind of altitudes are you fishing at?
An auger out here in flatland will make more HP that it will up high.

You can adjust for altitude, but the engine will make less power that it will at a lower elevation.

Something to consider between 2 hp and 3 hp units.

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If you go 10" get a 3 horse without a doubt. It will last a lot longer. Ofcourse the guys at Strikemaster will argue that but from my experiences with every auger out there its a issue.
As stated before the chipper blades last longer than your shavers. Jiffy V.S. Strikemaster or Eskimo. Shavers are a bit Quicker though. Once you get a slightest nick in a shaver they are shot till ya put new ones on. Or of you run threw dirty ice. You may not even be able to notice the problem but you will know when your laying on top of the auger and its going nowhere. Also the shavers have more problems with ice build up. A chipper sort of self cleans itself.
If your looking for serious speed go with the Nils Master. I warn ya though they are big $. If you want a light Auger go with a strikemaster or Eskimo. If you want a workhorse get a Jiffy. If you want a Big Workhorse get what I got. The 3 horse Jiffy Legend with 10" De Icer Blades. They are coated and dont freeze up as much as others.
Whatever you do when your done drilling a hole dont lay the blades in snow or they will freeze up real good. Also dont cut a hole half way in the ice and stand your auger up in it when done. It will either freeze in place or bend your auger assembly after a while of doing so.
Sorry so long winded but I hope this helps you. By the way they are all good augers. More personel taste than anything.

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2h.p. and nice sharp blades are all you'll ever need! My buddy beats me with his Eskimo by a couple of seconds through 3 feet of ice. My brother beats me by even less with his Jiffy. I use a Strikemaster 2h.p. and no doubt, I'm about 3-5 seconds slower, but I can tote my auger around all day. This is something they seem to not want to do with their 3 horse models.......... I'm just sayin'

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Thanks Guys for all the Great Info. I really appreciate it. You guys are great. Wow - Great response. Thanks Again.
Keep yer Line Wet - - Sharkbait

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Need some feedback on buying an Ice Auger. Mostly shat Horsepower. Fishing the high country in Colorado and need something that will go thru 2-3+ft thick ice with no problems. Thanks any info will be appreciated.. Will the HP change if an 8 or 10 inch hole. Thanks -
Keep yer Line Wet - Sharkbait

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All depends on how much use and how many holes.
Also, Weight of the unit is key.

I was first going to immediately recommend 3hp.
However, not sure if you want the extra weight of a unit with 3hp. It will have no problems with the thickness you mentioned, but a 2 doesn't weigh as much.

Not real clear on your last question. You can use or have a 8 inch or 10 inch blade on either a 2horse or 3 HP unit.

Keep the rods bendin'!!!

Jim W

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