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Angler admits winning contest with weighted fish


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TAVARES, Fla. -- It took Ronnie Lynn Robinson two years to own up to his fish tale.

Robinson admitted Monday to common-law cheating - a rare crime - for turning in what looked to be a thawed-out fish with a belly full of lead weights at a 2002 Lake County bass-fishing tournament.

Robinson was charged and stripped of his nearly $2,000 prize at the Harris Chain Bassmasters Big Bass Tournament after tournament director Darren Ratliff gutted the winning fish in his kitchen and found three 8-ounce weights in its stomach.

Robinson, 51, finally admitted guilt in exchange for nine months of court supervision, during which he must stay clear of fishing contests.

Robinson's lawyer, Henry G. Ferro, said Robinson is innocent but agreed to the deal ``strictly as a matter of convenience.''

According to a deputy's report, Robinson caught the winning 8-pound, 6-ounce fish on Sept. 28, 2002, threw it into the live well of his boat and submitted it more than six hours later.

Tournament officials didn't question the entry at the scene, but Ratliff said it looked pale and flaccid, and, unlike most freshly dead catches, stiff from rigor mortis. The fish also looked too fat for its length, and the artificial worm in its mouth didn't have the punctures usually found on used bait, he said.

Robinson's $1,915.20 prize was nearly enough to cover his $2,000 bail.

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These people didnt think that something was up when he handed in a dead frozen/thawed fish???????? I suppose not, they were floridians.

I cant believe they actually charged this guy with a crime for cheating in a fishing tournement. rolleyes.gif Nobody likes cheaters, and he eventually did get caught. Make him give back the prize money and ban him from tourneys.
But come on... A crime?? Thats like charging slammin sammy with a crime for corking his bat.

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Big Island, That isnt the first time that someone has been charged with theft for cheating in a tourney. One guy was charged with a felony because of the dollar amount, it was later dropped to a misdemeanor because he would have lost his job because of the felony conviction. He was also banned by the court from all fishing tourneys. Stealing is stealing, cheating to win is no different than taking the money out of the guys pocket that would have won.

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YES. Cheaters and theives are sleaze bags and do not deserve ANY respect, and this guy will most likely get what he deserves from his peers.

But a criminal record for cheating(not poaching) at FISHING. gimme a break.

Its nice to see where the priorities of our legal system are.

[This message has been edited by BIG ISLAND DUDE (edited 09-21-2004).]

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I guess thats why the call it "Flori-DAH".

The Doctor is in.............Everybody stand back!!!

I.B.O.T. # 144
Boundry Waters Chapter

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It is only a fishing tournament.

But what he did was committ fraud. Had he fessed up to his sins earlier, maybe it wouldn't have gone to court. I agree it is a shame our courts have to waste their time on matters like this, but he broke the rules and must pay the price.

If we let him get away with it, is it a sin to print fake checks and cash them. Or sell used parts as new. The list goes on.

He did wrong. He should have admitted it or returned the money. But he held onto his lie.

And sadly, if you read the article, his lawyer weasel said that he did not committ the crime, but just wanted to get it behind him. I guess nobody does anything bad anymore based on what these attorneys tell us.

[This message has been edited by walleyehawk (edited 09-24-2004).]

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A crook is a crook and a crime is a crime. I suspect the FL statutes identify fraud and deception and theft. Probably theft above a certain amount is a felony. You commit a felony and thats what you'll be charged with. Cheating in a fishing tournament is, in manyt ways, more reprehensible than simple robbery. This story is another example of why so many spsortsmen are opposed to competitive fishing.

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He stole $2,000 from the other contestants. It's the same as taking it from the wallets, it's still stealing. Get him!!!

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