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Five Point Lake?


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I am going to be in the Hackensack area Labor Day weekend, staying at Five Point Lake, never been there before any good fihing in there?.....we are looking for bass, pike, walleye. We would like to check out 3 or 4 of the smaller lakes in the Hackensack area....200 acres or so in size.
Any info on lakes such as:
Portage(North of Ten Mile)
Big Bass(Nw of Ten Mile)
Thanks in advance!

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Hey Ia.
About 10 miles East of Hackensack are a 3 lake chain of small lakes. (Baby, Mann, McKeown). My wife and I stayed for a week their 2 months ago and caught lots of smaller northerns in McKeown and good luck with smallmouth bass & bluegills in the other two.


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I have fished 5-point lake before. We were only targeting sunfish at the time and we caught some really nice sized fish. We even picked enough out for a meal. We mainly fished around the big island on the lake next to the lilly pads.
I know there is some nice pike in there too. I would just go out and cast for them in/near the weeds and you should do good.

Otherwise for walleyes, Horseshoe can be a good lake and we have even done good on Pine Mountain (in Backus) but thats a little bigger lake.

GL, and Have fun.

And keep those hooks sharp!

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for fast and furious pike action, go to pleasant lake. Blue/silver rattle trap trolled along the weedlines will keep you busy all day. There is also a good sunnie population in there, with big enough fish to keep your tummy full.

There are walleyes in there. Lindy rigging works the best for me with a leech. The lake is fairly easy to work. Also, has plenty of big bass. Get a map and you will figure out the areas to work. It is a fairly simple lake. By the way, the walleyes tend to run deep in that lake. Don't be afraid of 20 to 30 feet...........

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Thanks for all the info guys!
As far as I can tell there is just not enough time to fish all the lakes that I would like to hit! Can't wait to get there!

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