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stocking fish to buy??

Swamp Scooter

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Well I have not seen this or maybe missed it but I am wondering if anyone knows where I can contact someone to buy some fish to put in a lake. All legal but where do you get them? Looking for crappie, walleye, perch. The MN DNR has a permit application but I cannot find any vendors. Do they give you the names once the permit has been received? Maybe someone else has dealt with the DNR in this capacity and can tell me how good/easy, or not it really is.


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Have you contacted the local DNR fisheries office directly? I have to think they would know of the places in your area.

What area of the state?
We had a few thousand walleyes(all around 12 inches) stocked last year in the lake my parents have a place on.
It was all from donations to the lake association, and the DNR had no involvement whatsoever.
Our neighbor up there was one of them that spearheaded the whole thing, and from what I understand, it went pretty smooth.

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Hi there Ba$$,

Got your note. I am really interested in getting them to N. WI and have tried the DNR there. They are not as up on things as we are here. I will try MN DNR too. Just want to be legal and not just think I am.

AHH.. A private haven with my own fish and no pressure! Can it be done? I will find out soon.


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