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Motor problems

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I recently bought a boat and I'm having probs. with the motor, I can get it started with ease but it bogs down if you try to go faster than a slow troll, it's a 83 8hrs merc. any suggestions? any place that I could get it worked on for relatively cheap close to monticello

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Well this isn't probably the best forum to post this in wink.gif .

But you can check some basic things, I venture out a guess you are having problems getting enough fuel, couple things,

1. Simple carb cleaning, might be what's really needed here, did the motor sit before you got it, did it run this year? Did who ever you bought the motor from winterize it? You could probably just take the carb apart and carfully clean any gunk from any of the jets, carefully, and make sure there is no other junk in the fuel system.

2. Basic checks, is you primer bulb staying primed (firm)? are there any fuel filters? and the gas lines in good shape, is it possible any are weak , and collasping under more demand for fuel. Are there any obstructions in the tank, floating junk, rust? Is there some sort of sponge or air filter? is it plugged up.

How are the spark plugs? are the gapped to where they should be? How about some new ones.

Oh and fresh gas is always a good thing too.

This should give you a good start, I'd lean towards some carb issues personally, but I'd check everything I listed too.

Oh and good luck grin.gif

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I had the same problem with a 50hp merc. I brought in and they fixed it by putting carb kits in and changing the fuel line.

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