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Bio-Bait - I'm Sold!!

Long Gray Line

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B-in-L and I went out Friday night to fish crappies & walleye on a small lake near Princeton. Just for giggles, I put a piece of BB crawler on a small pink jig under a bobber. Fishing next to him while he was using minnows & leeches, out caught him 10 to 1. Limited out on 10"-11"ers in about an hour and 1/4, throwing back a bunch more.

Had another thought out there too. Bio-Bait would be the perfect stuff to use on "no live bait" water and to take backpacking with you into the BWCA/Quetico. No maintenance, light, and 1 bag lasts a looooooonnnnnngggg time. I'll bet I went through $.10 worth catching the crappies!!
Can't wait to try it this winter, to he** w/ buying minnows.....

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I especially like Bio-Bait in the winter, its awesome on crappies and gills! You can add it to just about anything, and its great for finesse fishing for negative fish because it can float a jig.

Glad to hear you did well with Bio-Bait, good report! smile.gif

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Outdoors
Metro Area Ice Fishing, Team Catch-N, and more...

[email protected]
Catch-N Tackle and Bio Bait
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I tried some on a hot bite out in the West Metro and could only get a few nibbles. The minute I put on some Berkly mini power wigglers (did not matter what color) they attached it.

Any advise on how to present it to the fish? I agree would be great for the BWCA!!!

Another question, can you still bring worms into the BWCA? I remember in scouts we would bring in a few dozen and it would last one guy maybe 2 days

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The trick was to give the bait just a small tug and impart a glide to the jig. I watched several come up and look at the jig, just sit there for 30 seconds or more. As soon as I gave the bobber about a 6" tug, they wouldn't leave it alone. Had a couple come back even after I missed setting the hook. Once they took it though, they didn't drop the bait. The jig got them interested, the bait kept them on the hook....

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