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I bow to the BOW.

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I took a client, "The WALLDOCTOR", to Secret Lake yesterday.

Nope... it was not a "fish-in-the-barrel" day. In fact it was slow! The Sunfish were not on beds yet ans the Bass were deeper and slow to hit anything.
I was thinking we were in fo a BAD TRIP.
I had throw fairly all I had at these fish and caught only a few the first hour! Not a good sign on Secret Lake to go that long with hardly a couple of fish.
I opened a package of John Eggers Super Bow Spinners in "Purple Pride" which John had given me to test.

Man am I glad I did... a bit of LEECH Bio-Bait on the back did the trick for us.
We smeared the big brutes!!! Hardly any small fish hit these spinners and I had fish every or every other cast... too many times to count!

John, I bow to your BOW... it rules!!!

We were two very happy campers!
See John Eggers Bow Series Spinners at www.catch-n.com

Dave Hoggard

Fishermen are catch-n on
Catch'n Tackle
For Bass, Walleye, Pike, Lakers, Trout, Panfish
Used by FishingMN Family

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Nice bulls!! BTW, I recognize the lake.
Your "secret" is safe with me!! I have done very well in the past there as well. There are some lunker bass to be had along the weedlines. I will have to give those
BOW spinners a try.

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I agree, those Bow spinners rock! I've caught trout, bass, pike and even redhorse on those bad boys this year so far! You will like the action and flash these spinners give off, very nice!

Those are some nice gills!!!

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Outdoors
Metro Area Ice Fishing, Team Catch-N, and more...

[email protected]
Catch-N Tackle and Bio Bait
Stone Legacy
JR's Tackle

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Nice gills! You know, when I was a kid I never went fishing without a few inline spinners and spoons. Usually the spinners were mepps, rooster tails, panther martins, besides a few others. The spoons almost always were the red and white daredevils or a green/yellow/black spotted pattern. The spoons always caught pike and a few other species. And the spinners?.....Well they caught everything! Why I don't use more spinners I don't know! The darn things work great!
Those "Bow" spinners look like a spinner I used to use for trout and panfish. I don't know the name or the maker, I only had a couple and never found them again. It had some metal beads and a blade. It looked pretty simple.....But man, did it CATCH FISH!! Maybe it's time to re-visit the good old "spinner days". wink.gif
PS: Did I say NICE FISH guys!


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rmh2o, yes I did. I'm still waiting for a confirmation from a friend. I might have an open seat the way it looks. Looking at 6/13 or 6/14 as an arrival date, hopefully I can push it up sooner. I understand you will arrive on 6/12. I will email you in the next couple of days, been loligagging around lately. smile.gif
To quickly answer your question you asked. Use a 12"-18" length of 17-20# test for your harness. Tie on a single #2baitgrabber hook (I think it's the largest one made. I use Eagle Claw), 4-5 beads, interchangable clevis, single bead, then tie on a barrel swivel. A short lead prevents memory coils and makes for easier storage. The heavier line keeps the bait running straight, besides the fact that we'll be reeling in behemoth walleyes! A single hook prevents twists. A large gap assures better hookups. And don't worry about using only one hook..The fish will inhale it! Interchangable clevis allows for a quick change if needed.

PS: Are you getting pumped? I know I am!! I watched my Erie videos last night to get the juices flowing! Bring on the eyes!!!

Talk to you soon, Mark

PS; Sorry for the "personal" type message folks.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      Found a few today. 
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end... Ice roads and ice trails are extending out on Lake of the Woods looking to connect with schools of walleyes and saugers.  Some ice roads are out as far as 24 miles.   The subzero cold snap is good for extending ice into March, but it was tough on the bite.  Once the weather started warming up, so did the bite.   Most anglers report picking through numbers of small fish to catch eaters, slot fish and some true trophy fish over 28 inches. Depths vary depending upon outfitter based on where they are fishing, but as a rule, 32-36 feet has been the norm.  The morning / evening bite for walleyes in shallow water,16 - 19 feet, has been active for some. Jigging a lipless crankbait with vibration and rattles has been working well to catch some fish and also draws other fish into the area you are fishing.  Some fish in more of a neutral mood will slide over and take interest in your deadstick, a live minnow just off of the bottom. As a rule, glow and bright colors during cloudy days, the golds and silvers during sunny days.   A mixed bag for many being reported, including walleyes, saugers, jumbo perch, eelpout (burbot), pike, tullibees and even a few sturgeon and crappies.   On the Rainy River...   The golden hour (beginning and end of the day) continues to be the best on the river for those fishing for walleyes and saugers.  Some good reports this week. Some sturgeon have been iced at night by those hunting dinosaurs.   Ice conditions can vary on the river as there is current, work through a resort or outfitter for safety.   Up at the NW Angle... Resorts up at the Angle are hard at work staying on the walleyes.  As a rule, 24 - 30 feet of water is the norm.   Similar to the south shore, using a noisy, more aggressive lure has been effective, as has a jigging spoon tipped with a piece of minnow.  Work the jigging line in one hole with a deadstick and a plain hook a foot off of the bottom in your second hole.   Many eater walleyes caught this week with a variety of other fish in the mix.  Some anglers fishing the Ontario side for crappies are finding some nice slabs. Driving through Canada to the Angle no longer requires vaccinations or the use of the ArriveCan App. For those looking to access the Angle while avoiding customs, snowmobiling across the lake on the marked trails or utilizing the Lake of the Woods Passenger (bombardier) Service are best options.  Fish houses are out through March 31st, walleye and sauger season through April 14, pike season never closes. 
    • Rick
      Visitors to Minneopa State Park may soon notice fewer trees near the waterfall area of the park. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will remove 20 trees from the area, including 17 ash trees, beginning Feb. 6.Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I can confirm that I have 3-4 bars the entire drive from Cook to The Landing. When I winter park at a cabin near CigarGuy, I get two bars way up on the hill but still through the trees. There is good reception out on the lake but I haven't exactly been riding around and pulling out my phone to check my cell reception.   Depending on where you are, you may have 4 bars or none. I have none still, but that's because I'm on the north side of a hill with tall trees between my cabin and the tower.
    • fishing_the_northland
      ~10" perch and an 8" bluegill
    • gimruis
      Something else to just keep in mind here now too is that the deadline to remove permanent overnight unattended shacks is in exactly one month in the southern 2/3 of the state - March 6.  Plan ahead and don't let your castle get stuck out there beyond the deadline.  The DNR can and will confiscate it on site because I know people who have experienced this.
    • monstermoose78
      I heard Green lake by Princeton has plowed roads and truck and castles out there. I will swing by to check it out. Please check the ice conditions for yourself. There is 4-6 inches if slush ice so take that off your totals as that is not very strong. 
    • Rick
      The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites anglers and others to comment through Wednesday, March 15, on fisheries management plans for several waters in Carlton and St. Louis counties.Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Rick
      The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites anglers and others to comment through Friday, March 17, on fisheries management plans for several lakes in the Grand Rapids area.Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Rick
      The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites people interested in fishing, wildlife and outdoor skills to tune in to upcoming webinars that will discuss burbot fishing and bald eagles.Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
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