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Working for a living or a boat?


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Well put Animal.

While I'm sure that a lot of expensive boats are financed, not all of them are. I don't have an "expensive" boat, but it isn't a cheap boat either (well, compared to a $30k boat it is), but I paid for it with cash. To be pissed at someone just b/c they have a nice boat is ridiculous.

I'm not rich, but how come people make assumptions about those who are? No matter how much money you have, there is someone with more(same works conversly too).

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My 2004 1850 SportFish and 150 OptiMax
are pulled by a rusty 1989 GMC Suburban!!

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I'm college educated and work 50-60 hours a week.

I am extremely cheap except for when it comes to fishing stuff. I have no kids or wife. I do have a girlfriend that does a good job acting as the voice of reason when I go to Gander Mtn.

I started small and gradually worked my way up. A nice bass boat is something I wanted since I was a kid and so I saved and worked hard. I bought a Ranger 185 which is a lot less than 30k. There are few areas in these parts that require anything bigger or faster. Frankly, 25 horses is sufficient for most water around here. I have always been concerned with the fishability of a boat. I used to break 3-4 rods a year in my old boat, but now I have the room to keep them out of my way. I have to agree that the prices of some of the high end Bass rigs can be obsurd, but if you have the money, go for it. Some people think that my priorities are mixed up, but I love to fish and so I made the decision that a nice boat will be one of my priorities.

As far as the redneck theory 30 boat, 30 truck, 30 home. Some people don't care about their dwellings and just want to have fun. As long as they aren't a burden on society and take care of their kids and any other responsibilities, I say more power to them.

I think a succesful fisherman starts in the head, than goes to experience (time on the water), and maybe than equipment. A Shimano Calcutta on a G Loomis rod throwing Lucky Craft Lures out of a Skeeter 300ZX doesn't mean squat if you can't find the fish.

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Good post. I own a 1997 Tournament Pro. Nothing too fancy by any stretch of the imagination. This boat obviously did not cost a fortune. But still, I would marry it if I could!

I had a (boatless) buddy with a higher paying job ask me how I could afford a boat if he can't? I had a simple answer for him. Priorities. Instead of bowling, softball, and golf, I bought a boat. I explained that the $25 per week he spends bowling and golfing could be exchanged for a decent boat. And if he gave up spending $60 at the bar twice a month, he could have an even better rig!

Note: Bowling may not be that expensive for most. But in the two years I tried it, Old Milwaukee had a boost in sales because I was always forking over cash after STUPID beer frame.

I am a bitter x- bowler.

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People do what they want for their own reasons ... I have been told i should have a different boat and drive a different truck.In My case i drive an old truck and it will do all i ask it to do and isnt wore out yet .. sure getting ugly thou grin.gif. It is due for a change haha. the boat , well thats different ,, it went from being a runabout with a 40, to a tiller with a 25 , to the last redo of a new interior with a 40 tiller.

My biggest problem with the fancier rigs out on the water is. the lack of ethics that seem to come along with alot of their owners.

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Great points luv2senko and everyone...

I paid $60k for my 4 year education in accounting, on my 3rd job and been laid off once I am ONLY 27. Working on paying down bills and then will buy the toy(s). I even already have permission from the Wife-to-be (as long as we can ski & fish with the kids, she will be happy). Of course this will all be after the wedding!!!

I have defaulted on CC and now have it paid off, working on other one and already refinanced house from 30yrs to 15yrs (ONLY OWNED HOUSE < 2 YEARS). I had 10K worth of CC bills, now below 4K.

Always left my places of work because was not happy at all, "old school" job with the "new school" mentality. If computers can work for you then LET THEM!!!

Also run 3 small businesses on side for extra cash, and if you want to put in extra time you too can get extra cash, the government is very tax friendly to small business for tax reasons. Small business is what helps push / run the economy. Trust me I prepare taxes 4 months out of the year.

So between my full time 40hr / week, I also put in 10-30 hours at home working. During Tax season I am driving or working from 6:45 AM - midnight.

I never had a boat always fished with people or from a boat launch somewhere.

Three ways to get all the toys you want.

1. Debt - NO GOOD
2. Sponsorships (includes winning them)
3. You can do it the good ol American way (like our parents / grandparents did) WORK FOR THEM!!!

Later All...

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Good post so far. We all think about this one on and off, that is for sure. Boats and trucks are like anything else, it you want it, you will work hard to get it. I hear the same thing about hunting land...how in the world can someone go out and by 100,000 worth of hunting land when they only make 40,000 a year? Well, its about priorities. If that is what you want, you have to cut back in other areas. That means you live in a smaller house and work more hours. Anyone could have a boat and truck if they do it right. Even if you make fewer bucks than most...the only catch is that you "have to want it"! Some would rather have the house or the land or pay for your kids education, whatever. That just means you have priorities. That also means that a cool boat and a big truck are just not in the cards for you and thats ok. Some of these guys with the big rigs and spendy boats have worked hard and made this their number one priority. They probably don't eat out a lot or spend thousands on rings for their fiance's (still kicking myself). Priorities boys, thats what it is all about!! Good luck this weekend!

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