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Pro Strength Crawler

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Great NEWS!
Rick asked for this innovation in Bio-Bait... and NOW it is here.

The NEW Bio-Bait "Pro Strength" CRAWLER has replaced the older version in the Catch-N Tackle online store. You can get this great new formula right NOW... with no price change!
Order "CRAWLER" in the Catch-N Tackle shopping-cart and you automatically get "Pro Strength CRAWLER"!


You must act now.... and order ASAP, for
the cost of this pro strength version product will soon go UP! Order at www.catch-n.com here is the link:

Pro Strength CRAWLER Bio-Bait has double the amount of real crawler in the formula.
Why have Bio-Bait?
It is handy... no mess, no blood, no black worm dirt, no smelly dead bait smell.

Stays on the hook as well as live bait.

It has an un-limited shelf life when dry.

No waste. Bio-Bait can be used in 15 minutes after soaking in water... and once wet may be frozen and use again.

Great for kids that do not want to handle live squirming animals.

Stach some away in a rod box! Never run out of bait!

The new formula is super. It works even better. Bio-Bait is live bait... you don't keep alive!

Order some for youself... and some to share with your friends!
Order NOW... TODAY.
Orders over $25.00 get you this special Catch-N Tackle offer:
"Specials on www.catch-n.com
Get a free sample of 4 ea. Hook- Up Floaters with every order over $25.00!
get a FREE music CD copy of the latest
Fish-N Line Radio shows.
get FREE shipping on all orders over $25.00.

This offer starts May 1 / 2004 and ends on July 1 / 2004. Actual hook size & colors of Hook-Up Floater sent my varry.

Thanks Rick, for your help in making this more potent Bio-Bait product a reality!

Dave Hoggard

Fishermen are catch-n on
Catch'n Tackle
For Bass, Walleye, Pike, Lakers, Trout, Panfish
Used by FishingMN Family

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