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Top Walleye Waters?

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Ok, here are some decent walleye lakes
big stone, traverse, ottertail, mille lacs, lake of the woods, Winni, another one that will be a fishery that rivals any of those lakes will be Red lake, in my opinion Red lake right now is as good of a fishery as any of those both in numbers and size, and yes I know you cant keep walleyes there and yes I dont target them there either.
Best Fishes

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This is just my opinion

2)Big & Little Pine
3)Mille Lacs
4)Big Stone
5)Gull Lake

I maining fish in ottertail county and getting or fish doesn't seem to be a problem, just have to pick through the little ones.

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My top walleye lakes:

1. Mille Lacs
2. Winnie
3. Lake of the Woods
4. Pepin
5. Gull
6. Upper Red
7. Vermillion
8. Whitefish
9. Big Stone
10. Pelican

Jason Erlandson

Dave's Sportland Bait and Tackle
Sportland Guide Service Hwy 371 & Cty Rd 13
Nisswa MN


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What about Leech? Its more know for its muskies, but are the walleye biting too?

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St.Louis River in the spring cant be touched. Thousands of Lake Superior Walleye all in that small part of the upper river makes 100 fish days common. I cant wait to try to get a 33' eye for the wall.

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Leech Lake doesn't even make anyone's list?? Five years ago it would be in the top three. The walleye fishing has slowed, but it still has to be in the top 10 in the state.

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Hey Northlander, the St. Louis is a river wink.gif

I'll put a plug in for Rainy. Easily my favorite Walleye lake.

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Bottomfeeder thanks for reminding me! grin.gif

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1) Rainy
2) Vermilion
3) Mille Lacs
4) Upper Red in 4 years!
5) Basswood in BWCA

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There are so many good ones, some for numbers, others for size. Here are the ones I'd fish if I got the chance. smile.gif

6.Lake Pepin
7.Big Stone
There are a lot more good ones not on my list however these are my favorites.


Terry "Ace" Sjoberg
Lake Vermilion
Muskies and More.

Pro Staff Member.
Catch-n Tackle.
CKat Custom Muskie rods.
Bearpaws Handpoured Baits
Ohio Pro Lure.
Muskie Nut Tackle.
Big Chimney Muskie Baits.

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Lake of the Woods is number one by a long shot. If you dispute that, you have not fished it enough to know any better! I would then go with Rainy, Milacs, Winnie, and a couple of small lakes nobody has heard of. I am just talking MN here though. Just my opinion!

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Rainy River........ Ice Out & Fall
St. Louis River.... June
Rainy Lake......... Late July - August - Sept
Lake of the Woods.. Fall - Winter

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Myself, I am heading to the St. Criox. Last year 18-26" in two hours filled out. However does not mean they will be there this year. I needed a canoe to get them 3-6' of water.<a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/1002.gif' border=0></a>

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OK yes you may have to put some real work in here and paddle across a large lake but...Alpine in the BWCA is by far the top big walleye lake in the state... Look at a map... the sea gull river (which not only is where the state record came from) has 16lb+ fish in it to this day, as per the DNR. Now that river is of limit, as we know, and has been for many years. What many people don't know is that on the west side of the lake is the equivalent of the sea gull river...two smaller chain lakes that are connecting the 2 large lakes just as the for-mentioned river is a mile or two to the west. These two lakes, Alpine and i believe its called red rock(not sure) where also banded fishing areas until just seceral years ago. You have to do some searching but when you find them you can go through a pound of leaches per person in a day!! We have not came back in the last 4 years of fishing Alpine without catching at least 2- 30 inch fish. I have some pictures and even still have one 30" incher in my freezer! I would strongly recomend only taking one 30+ fish in a life time to keep this amazing lake at the top of what should be everybody's list. If you don't like the long paddle across sea gull you can be pulled by the local outfitters half way across the lake to the no motor zone. Any ways..

#2 Pool 4 mississippi
#3 mille lacs
#4 big stone
#5 rainy
#6 lake off the woods
#7 otter tail
#8 - #20 many BWCA lakes

I'd rather be fishing and think about church, than be at church and thinking about fishing!

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