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Minnow traps

Fisher Dave

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By law you have to have your name on the minnow trap ... I usually hang a waterproofed tag off the rope in areas I know the trap is unlikely to be tampered with... other than that a metal tag on the trap itself.

Minnehaha creek does have some good spots for minnows. Do some footwork and try to find *funnel* areas.. or areas where there is only one likely confined spot for minnows to pass through... if need be, get some rocks and make a d a m and only have one spillway .. place your trap there. There are good spots all along the creek, including areas below the falls on the trail to the river.

Good baits include dog food, crackers, and bread. I usually put my bait in a nylon stocking and tie off the ends. The food swells up and floats and can cause quite a mess. Be sure to weigh down your bait with a rock, and also have ample weight in your trap so the current doesnt sweeep it downstream. Be sure your traps are closed properly .. or your minnows will be a quick release when you go to lift the traps.

Nine Mile is a good creek also .. there are little waterways all over the cities that have minnows in it... lots of trial and error, but dont give up, it will pay off.

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Looking for any tips in using a minnow trap. Type of bait, best locations on Minnehaha Creek and also is it true you need to have your name & address on trap?

I appreciate any help you can give me.

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