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Mille Lacs IceLeaders Challenge

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The official Rules, Information, and Registration link is below, just click on it:
The Mille lacs Lake IceLeaders Challenge is December 15th-16th
$500 1st place prize and the field is limited to 30 teams.

This Event is filling up nicely.
Please register today to reserve your spot.

[PLEASE NOTE] Lake Mille Lacs anglers will soon be able to keep walleye between 14 inches and 18 inches, with one walleye over 28 inches in their possession limit, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced.

The expanded winter slots will be in place by Dec. 1, 2001.

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These folks will be providing free gear to some of the participants. The method has yet to be determined. Hope you're in this early.
GLACIER Ice Shelters- http://fishingmn.com/glacier.html
They will be giving choice of shelter to the Champion.

Scenic Tackle - They are giving Angel Eye Minnow Jr. Kits out. One per event will be given out prior to each events start, but there's a catch and it's secret for now. They will be giving out more kits in addition to the above.

Red Barn Rods - They are donating Ice Rods.

LakeMaster Reelbottom - They are donating Mille Lacs Reelbottom Map Systems. GPS compatible for the Mille lacs Event.

Finicky's Fish Factory - donating a Fish Factory for each event.

Wristsaver Rods are donating Ice Rods and Reels for each event.

Fish's Ice Saw - is being donated for the Mille Lacs Event.

Icebuster Bobbers is now a sponsor as well. Particpants will have a chance to win some of these too.

There are others who are considering Sponsorship as well. Get in early. Those who get in earliest will have the best odds on at least one prize.

[Message for ice anglers-Novice-Experienced-X-treme]

Do you like to ice fish or just want to learn more about it? Do you enjoy meeting fun ice anglers? Do you really want to have a good time ice fishing this winter, not just a good time, but an exceptional one?
Do you want have a shot at $500 for ice fishing?

1. Ice fishing for $500, I do it for free.
2. Some new ice fishing friends to help out.
3. A seminar by a master of the lake before heading out.
4. Plowed roads to great spots that could be fished from the vehicle.
5. No Access fee(except LOW)
6. 15% discount on lodging, if needed.
7. Bring any partner wanted to any event.
8. Find out what worked for the other teams before heading out the second day and use it catch more fish.
9. Just wished I'd done this before. Why did I wait?
10. When they say "We Have More Fun' they really mean it.

Check out the link in the post above this one to get in on some early ice fun.

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The Mille Lacs Challenge event is only half full. We had fishable ice out of Mac's Twin Bay before November 26th last year. I know, I was out there.

December 15th & 16th.

If you enjoy Fishing Minnesota, please join up with us. Be a part of the Extreme Team.

We'll be safe and we WILL get in some early ice fishing, which can be some of the best ice fishing of the year...guaranteed!!!

We want to meet you and we want to share early ice tactics.

Who's up for a little early ice fun?

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    • ANYFISH2
      OUCH!!! 6 players down to injury in one game.  We were thin at O-line depth before, now we have "1st" line players having to play nearly an entire preseason game, because we dont have enough bodies!  This is going to be major issue going forward.   Overall, not a good showing offensively. Jacksonville is a very good defensive team, but we definitely need to be better.   Defense, look pretty good!  We need to complete turnover chances, at a better rate.     3rd RB race is going to be fun to watch.   Special teams, are kinda leaving me wondering.  Punt coverage is quite shaky.  Carlson is looking more like our guy, after Forbath missed a 41 yd fg.
    • Borch
      That's ok.  Was a good day on the water.  Took my wife out this afternoon and had a nice day fishing.
    • ANYFISH2
      Bass, especially Smallmouth Bass.   Why are they my favorite? A symptom of growing up along the Mississippi I would imagine.  The walk along the shores of The Miss. have given me pretty much every species that swims here.  Nothing get me more excited than the acrobatics or the will of a Smallmouth.   In open water I just seem more drawn to grab the bass bag and chase bass more than other species.  Come fall, it will be tunnel vision, bronzebacks.
    • Wanderer
      Bass.   It’s what I find myself fishing for the most. I can fish for em anywhere and there are SO many different ways to target them.  Anything from finessing to big, bold bites and big hooksets.  Even if you’re not catching much you can at least entertain yourself with precise casting practice for certain presentations.
    • monstermoose78
      I got smaller one.
    • monstermoose78
      I got smaller one.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      The Y Store or The Fuel and Food in Tower. Cliff
    • bluewater2
      what place is the best place to get a map of the lake and bait ?  
    • monstermoose78
      Way to go Zach 
    • monstermoose78
      Bluegills and why is knowing I can catch a bunch and you never know how big it will be when that bobber disappears under the water.