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Boat covers


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Whats the best type of boat travel cover and tie down system. There seems to be a lot of different options out there, which tie down system works the best with the least wear on the boat?


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The least wear on the boat would be a snap-on type cover. It takes longer to secure all the snaps, but there is nothing to vibrate and mar your finish.

The best thing you can do is call a respectable canvas shop and ask them the questions ... they will be honest with you. The last thing they want is a unhappy owner of a $42,000 Lund.

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TJ...I agree with Fisher Dave with regard to the snap on cover. You are right on the many options of fabric to use. If you are doing lots of long hauling, I would definitely go with a very heavy material, and have them put the snaps under the gunwale, all the way around your boat....I have a friend that had it done that way and it appears to be really stealthy and very strong When it comes time to put your boat away for the winter, please do not depend on your heavy canvas to get you through the winter unscathed, rather, get it shrinkwrapped and save your summer cover.


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I had my first cover made at Canvas Craft just North of Anoka, it lasted over 5 years before it dry rotted.Went there last year to get a patch over a tear, the people there were helpful and said they would patch it for me but showed me a cover just like mine that they patched for another costomer.It just ripped right where they sewed the patch on.I asked for a deal on a new cover and they got me a new cover with the new material they are using in place of the duck canvas for the same price I paid them for the first cover 5 years ago.

This new cover should last longer than the first and I could have had snaps put on it as well.
I just use the tie down method as my boat does not have snaps yet.

I have a pocket for the trolling motor and a rear motor cover all in it as well, cost was around $200 for a 16 ft Lund Explorer.


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Go and see Jackie at Proctor Canvas, tell her Jeff's brother Tim sent you (My ex-sister in law) she will set you up good.
She does tie downs and snap covers.
Northlander? Does Jay do something like this??

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Something to keep in mind with any cover--unless it's really foul weather I don't tow my boat with the cover on as it really wears-out the backs of your seats and it's really hard on your cover, regardless of whether it's snap-down, shock corded or whatever.

I simply stow away anything that could blow out of the boat as I'm tooling down the freeway...


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ShoreMaster Fabrick in Fergus Falls makes great boat covers. They ship all over the states! Bruce Mosher

Bruce Mosher,www.icebusterbobbers.com

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I got mine made by the amish in long prairie and the did a great job.

22ft pontoon full cover fron to back with snaps and three pole for $300 - $350


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I just spent over 600 bucks for a "custom"
cover at Tarps Inc. in Savage. I went
there because my old boat had one on it.

Well, they have since changed material
used in my older cover. Then, after getting it back from them, I noticed that some
of the snaps from the factory cover were
stressing the fabric quite a bit and asked
for four small strips of padding in those
four spots only. They said "they" felt
it was no problem and would "warranty"
the tarp wouldn't suffer any tears. Well
th warranty is only one year and I asked if they thought I was going to shell out
another 600 bucks again. Again I was told
it would be fine, however if I wanted, they
would be happy to put them in at a
added cost!! This was a 600.00 cover and
you would think that a little extra
request wouldn't be outlandish. Lastly,
after taking the boat on one road trip of 50
miles, ALL the elastic tie-downs were
turned into big piles of frazzed materials
where they were cut since nobody spent the
extra time to trim them and burn the ends
so this wouldn't happen!!!!!!!

This is not the place you want to spend
your hard earned money#@#@[email protected]!!!

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