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Underwater Cameras - Open Water Uses?

Yellow Dog

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I got an aqua-vu for a birthday present last week. I have used them on hardwater but never soft water.

Any suggestions how to use it succesfully or how to set it up in the boat?

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My advise....Apply plenty of suntain lotion to the back of your neck! I burnt my good last summer. ouch!

Drifting seemed to work the best to see the structure and find out what those marks on the sonar were. Lots of snails and suckers. Worked best to locate fish then throw a marker, too hard to "fish" with it. It can add to the frustration- knowing fish are there but won't bite. The water clarity is key! The clearer the better viewing. Amazing how much junk is down there. Good luck have fun with it.

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I use mine to learn more about my depth finder. I like to use it to see what those marks are, and what the bumps on the bottom are. You can learn what rocks, weeds, logs and fish all look like on your finder, makes you a more productive fisherman.

I like to watch the graph and then go back over areas that look interesting. Find out what that change in the bottom was.

I don't use mine much while fishing, just to learn the structure and where to fish.

Good Luck -- they are a fun toy and a good tool.


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