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Cylinder Index- how do you rate?

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So what exactly does this C.I. mean? Is there some sort of chart, graph or list to compare our C.I., with a national or world wide "standard"?

BTW... Thanks for the "heads up" Big "D"...

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Have 45 Cyl up and Running
Could add 4 more if Air compressors counted
How about bonus for drums of leaded race gas and any type of Two stroke oil container larger than a Quart.

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Just an FYI for you guys posting your property. I am a former police officer federal officer and corrections officer. I currently am employed as an investigator and security consultant so I do have some knowledge of what I am talking about. Just to let you know that though it may not be happening here information of this sort opens you up to targeting by those who may want to find out what you have in your possesion, in example ex-wives, thieves, collection agents, etc. and yes there are people and programs that can trace you back through the forum. Don't want to ruin your fun as I love this site as much as any other but CYA. Especially in the times we live in now.
big drift

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Bigdrift...thanks for the heads up. I did feel a bit of bragadocia when I listed. Not paranoid cause everything is legal,however thieves are the worst bunch of opportunists ever. I would be in favor of deleting the whole pile of listings that everyone put up in good nature.
Any other opinions ?


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I'm glad to see that garage logic is able to leap into these pages, but a complete list of items is not needed for the C.I., we will accept in all honesty your official number. mine being 37. All hail the flashlight king...

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Since using the GL rules allow you to count cylinders that aren't running at the moment I end up with 42.

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30 CI AT AGE 30

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Not enough!

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let see

97 dakota-8
2000 van-6
03 hyundai-4
4 wheeler -1
40hp evinrude-2
8hp suzuki-1
snow blower-1
weed whacker-1
ice auger-1
2 chain saws-2
garden tiller-1

only 30, guess I need more stuff

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OK, I'll play:

02 Ford Class A RV - 10
02 Crysler - 6
95 Dodge - 6
99 Silverado - 8
90 Olds - 4
75 Arctic Cat - 2
power washer - 1
push mower - 1
snapper rider mower - 1
weed wacker - 1
snow blower - 1
nitro powered RC airplanes - 2

TOTAL CI: 38 (I'm 31)

Pending: 6HP boat motor - 1

Selling RV in the next year, losing 10 cylinders - OUCH!. After boat motor, will need to recoup at least 4 more cylinders to regain my GL citizenship (I'll have aged a year, ya know). I figure a new snowmobile, a wheeler and a waverunner would do er. :-) Then again, I need a power auger and a chainsaw, too, so I'll pad it a bit as well. :-)

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