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Thank-you Mark Twain

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This may go long but as any fisherman or storyteller knows a tale that's worth telling needs to be told.
When I was in my early teens my fathers depthfinder went on the fritz and he had to rewire the power connections. It was late in March before he got around to it and there was no open water to test it in so (much to my teenage dismay ) he clamped the transducer into the Toilet Tank. Sure enough he got a reading between 1 and 1.5 feet so he was happy to wait till ice out to further calibrate the depthfinder.
Recently I bought a used eagle graph depth finder but was unable to confirm it worked. Today I unplugged my battery from the charger and brought it into the house to test the depth finder. I hooked it up and got a mop bucket of water and sure enought it read between 1 and 1.5 feet. As I was dumping the bucket I thought of Dad and how much less work it would have been to follow his example. He has been gone now for almost 9 years. I can't admit to him that he isn't as nuts as I tought. So I thought I should share it with you folks.
This leads to the title of the topic, as we know Twain said "When I was a boy of fourteen I could not believe how ignorant my father was, But by the time I turned Twenty-one I was amazed to see how much he learned in seven years.

Commom sense isn't

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Sure is strange how the old folks get smarter in just a few years.
I wish I had the interest when I was fifteen to listen to what my Grandpa had to say. Fortunately, I still have my dad to talk to. On the downside, it's easier to fish with my five year old daughter than it is with him. I think he has regressed just so he can get me back for all the tackle of his lost when I was a kid. I wouldn't change a thing.

Erik Torgerson

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Lately I have seen it from the other side as my kids reach their teen years. I only hope that I have the patience in dealing with them that my folks had with me. Now I'm trying to teach them another Mark twain quote...

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati (When all else fails, play dead)

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Reminds me of my grandpa all the times we spent fishing, trapping and hunting. See in the summer while not in school he was my babysitter. He lived on a small lake (80)acres the only way to this lake was through his drive way and it was imposible to get a boat trailer there. He did lend his boat to people though, but needless to say with little fishing pressure it was some real goood fishing. When he told me that he was going to teach me to fish I was so excited, I didn't realize that meant rowing his boat around the lake while he fished. We'd get up at 4:00am grandma made eggs & bacon "can't fish on an empty stomach". Two months of rowing while he fished then one day he told me to throw my bait over there in that little pocket. 1st time he let me wet a line. Well I pulled a nice 4 1/2lb bass outta that pocket and I was hooked for life. Looking back I now know he got more enjoyment outta watching me catch that fish than if he'd caught it himself. Those 2mo. of rowing I never realized that I was learning so much. Not just how to fish but patience, persistance, conservation and many other morals and values that are so important in life. He always said to put the small ones back, but trying to raise dozen kids and having no money, he did use a gill net from time to time. I never seen him use it, can't blame him though I don't believe in their usage todays. I still have that net hanging in my garage although tattered and rotton it still serves as a memory of him. (I've never used it) I guess I could go on for quit awhile about the memories but will cut this short and say thanks to the guy who started this thread. It got me to thinkinng about these memories. Mostly I'd like to thank you grandpa. All the hard times I've went through and am going through, someone is looking after me and I know it must be YOU! THANX


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4 years: "My Daddy can do anything"
7 years: "My Dad knows alot, a whole lot"
10 years: "My Father doesn't know quite everything"
12 years: "Oh, well, naturally Father doesn't know that either."
14 years: "Father? Hopelessly old-fashioned."
21 years: "Oh, that man is out of date. What did you expect?"
25 years: "He knows a little bit about it, but not much."
30 years: "Maybe we ought to find out what Dad thinks."
35 years: "Let's ask Dad what he would do before we make a decision."
40 years: "I wonder what Dad would have thought about that. He was pretty smart."
50 years: "My dad knew absolutely everything!"
60 years: "I'd give anything if Dad were here so I could talk this over with him. I really miss that man."

Author Anonymous


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • monstermoose78
      As long as the birds don’t fly I am good. I can catch fish through the ice fairly well. 
    • MarkB
      My cousin and I just returned from beautiful Lake Vermilion after 4.5 days of the most spectacular walleye fishing you could ever hope for. Usually our mutual friend joins us but his father passed away and he had to opt out. We arrived late Saturday afternoon and packed things up after our morning outing Wednesday. We stopped at Cabelas on the way up and found them to be sold out of pike suckers. While they had them, they were charging 99 cents each! We then stopped at Harris bait shop and found a help yourself situation that was also out of pike suckers. They sold them while available for 6 for $6! We eventually found them locally for the same price as last year. During our stay, we used pike suckers, rainbow mix, and crawlers. The walleyes hit them all but, I believe, the rainbow mix caught the most, the crawlers were almost as productive, and the pike suckers produced the biggest fish.  We caught them in depths ranging from 13' to 27'. They were in the rocks and in the mud depending on the time of day. We caught walleyes all day every day with 5 o'clock PM to ~7 o'clock PM being optimum for quantity. The weather was absolutely HORRIBLE with high winds and non-stop rain early in the trip. Boat control was very difficult and I struggled to keep our speed around that .4mph to .6mph. Hits were fast and furious but the hit to catch ratio was at best 5 or more hits to one catch . We stuck with the 1oz bottom bouncers, 3 red beads, and a size 2 hook for the big suckers. I found a shorter 3' leader to be most effective. We caught 153 walleyes on our trip and I would bet we had at least 5 times that many hits!. Now, with all that said, we don't feed line to walleyes to help avoid gut hooks and that certainly gives rise to a poor hook-up ratio. We ate fish twice and brought home our limits. Everything else went back. The walleyes ranged in size from ~13" to 26". We caught lots of slot fish and fair numbers of 15"-19" fish. In addition, we caught 10 smallmouth and only one jumbo. Our really big fish were never landed. My cousin had a true giant walleye laying on top of the water right beside the boat and grabbed her by the base of the tail in an attempt to scoop her into the boat. She was having none of that and with a major flop, snapped the leader. We didn't use a net because I forgot it at the dock. Getting old is a bitch. I had two different walleyes(I'm sure) hooked on Tuesday that came off directly below the boat. Both fish I thought were snags when they hit. Anyone who thinks walleyes don't fight have never caught a truly big one. Both fish ran off several yards of line while fighting to get free. Eventually they both succeeded. I would hesitate to say how big I think my cousins fish was that he had beside the boat, but, my wife and I have caught some really big walleyes in Lake Vermilion and I know what a big walleye looks like. That walleye was absolutely enormous.  We've decided to bring my cousin's two sons back up for a short trip a little later on. Hopefully, the walleyes will still be in a feeding frenzy. Lastly, I usually like to include pictures with my posts. I have a big problem this time, I got a new phone and I know nothing about transferring the pictures. That will be remedied when we come back up. In the meantime....... Good Fishing, MarkB🙂
    • leech~~
      I don't think Moose needs my help, he seems to do pretty well with the ice fishing and grouse hunting by the pictures! 👌
    • smurfy
      looks to me like your gonna need to be on the ice ALOT to get them all checked out!!!!!!!👍🙄 mayhaps Leech could help ya out!!!!   at least he wouldnt be "accidently" locking any more threads!!!!!!🤗🤣🥴
    • monstermoose78
      I got some cool jigs this year this a picture from Slab Bait Shop. The 2nd to last photo is one of my jig boxes with them in it. The last photo has some Macula jigs and if your eyes are getting old these are awesome to tie!! I won the auction for the last photo so I got all of the plastics and jigs.
    • leech~~
      I was shocked to see I was the one that locked it out.  I think I was just made a mod around then, so yeah just clicking buttons!   
    • Rivergroup
    • slipperybob
      Blame it on the big fat left finger for clicking on lock. 😄 Or maybe just wanting a new 23-24 season thread?  
    • Wakemupwalleye
      Haven’t fished crappie this time of year. I’m on the west end this weekend and would love some tips. Thanks!
    • smurfy
      quit hanging out at a certain public access by Remer!!!!!!!🤗🤣   i'll be headed up in about 12 days!!!!!!!!
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