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How do you fish your Bio-Bait?

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With the open water I am waiting to get out and use some Bio-Bait. I used it in the winter so I want to see how it will work in open water. Do you use a tiny jig or a bare hook? There may be different ways but
How do you fish your Bio-Bait?

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I seldom fish a plain hook but I have just used Bio-Bait and just a hook, split-shot, and a bobber.... for sunnies.
A tiny jig and a piece on Bio-Bait, just enough to cover the hook works too.

Where I think Bio-Bait reellllly shines is for tipping plasics... yep. Most guys shirk at the thought of tipping plastics but I think the natural scent/flavor of Bio-Bait is great to add.

Matt Johnson did a post that talked about the jig weight being compensated by the floatation of Bio-Bait... that allows you to use larger jigs and weigh less in the water. This gives you a larger hook jig with a reduced in the water.

Pretty much, you use it exactly like live bait... soak it for 20 minutes till soft first.
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Dave Hoggard

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You can fish your Bio-Bait just about any way you want to. A plain hook and Bio-Bait under a bobber will catch you some panfish. I prefer to tip Bio-Bait on my jigs, plastics, and even cranks. Adding a little scent, appeal, and taste to your crank baits can only mean good things. Bio-Bait won't play a huge role in effecting the way a crankbait swims, but it may play a huge role in how many fish you catch.

Say for example, you are fishing a crawdad crank over the rocks up on LOW, by adding a piece of Crawdad Bio-Bait you complete the package. You already have the action, sound, and vision aspects by running the crank, but by adding some Bio-Bait you now have the scent, taste, and added triggering power making the crankbait as life-like as possible, and sometimes even more effective then the actual thing. You can use this same approach and rigging technique for any crankbait. Shiner/baitfish style crankbaits are great for this too.

A jig and plastic combo with Bio-Bait is a very effective presentation as well. What you are doing is adding that extra edge to your presentation by tipping it with Bio-Bait. Bio-Bait and livebait go hand in hand, and tipping your jig with Bio-Bait brings with it all the characteristics of livebait, except for the being alive part. And, its not everyday that you get to tip your jig with a live crawdad, so the advantage of using Bio-Bait has the upper hand. Don't get me wrong though, there are times when live bait will outproduce Bio-Bait, thats just how fishing works, one thing is hot one minute, and the something else is hot the next.

As far as rigging your Bio-Bait, you can use as much or as little as you want. I like to stuff pieces of Bio-Bait inside tubes when fishing plastics, that way you keep the scent added strength on your jig longer without the Bio-Bait falling off or getting bit off by a fish. You can also tip Bio-Bait on spinner rigs/lindy rigs, jigheads, jig and plastics, just about anything.

And like Dave mentioned earlier, Bio-Bait can change the weight of your presentation, and this can be very important some days. Here's a like to a topic I posted a while back that explains using Bio-Bait to achieve the desired bouyancy...

Using Bio-Bait to Achieve Desired Bouyancy

Bio-Bait is a versatile tool to have when hitting the water. Easy to use and an easy way to catch fish.

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

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