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Winter jigs for summer


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Can a person use a Rapala swimming jig, and other winter jigs(Kastmaster)in the summer for walleyes?

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You can use many ice lures on open water but swimming type lures don't work well if your drifting at all. Take the Jigging Rap for example, to work this lure you lift it and let it fall. Its downward glide is the intended action. If you were to drag it thought the water it would sit side ways, thats not what your looking for.
Swedish Pimples, Glow Devils and Angel Eye type lures work great in open water and can be drifted and jigged.

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If you are good at slipping with the current(should you have it where you fish) these lures can be deadly in the open water. The trick though is to maintain a purely vertical status with them. As ST stated, the do not react well when there is the slightest of drag being put on them from current. If you find neutral fish suspending and cannot get them to hit a jig or lindy or whatever, throw on a jigging rap with a minnow head on the treb and have at it. If the fish are super turned off while crappie fishing, hang a bunch of waxies on all the hooks of a small pimple and lay that in their faces...very subtle lift/drop on a tight line. The lures you mentioned and sonars as well are some of the baits that are with me all year long. You don't need to take twenty of each, but a couple will not take up much room and certainly can save the day.

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