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Muskie Lures?

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I posted this in the muskie forum but thought it may get more attention here, and I kinda need to move fast.
I had a buddy call me last night and say he was at a friends house and came across 2 tackle boxes with muskie lures in them. I am not an avid muskie man, so need some advice: Here is the email he just sent me.
There are at least 175 muskie crank baits, grandma's, jointed and solid,
Jerk baits and floaters another 50 or so buzz baits and buck tail types,
25 are smaller northern type rapala crank baits and around 30 or so
soft bodied floating lures, frogs, salamanders etc...
My buddy says he has plenty of lures, and wants me to get into muskie fishing so he wants me to make an offer on the lures.
Do I need this many???? What is a fair offer? I think I can get them for pretty reasonable price...what would be fair? Anyone want to split them up?

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Must be nice to just come accross 2 box's of musky lures. Were did he get them from?

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No, you do not need that many! I'll split up some.Think of it this way, 175 lures at an avg of $8-10 a lure will cost you some dollars....

Where did he happen to get these 2 boxes?

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This was discussed in the Muskie thead too....I should have been more clear.
My "Buddy" is a 57 year old, almost retired professional, who's "friend" with the gear is a doctor. He aquired the lures over the past 15 years. Even though he didnt' muskie fish very often, more money then time I guess. They did look nice in his new Ranger however.
Anyway they were visiting and the guy said he was going to sell the muskie gear since he hasnt' used it in a couple of years, and I was contacted and Viola' I posted the question.
I think I can get the whole thing for under 500 bucks. I thought of just splitting it with someone, because i can't believe I would ever use that many lures. I have decided to buy it, assuming he still has them. I will be home this weekend, and I will offer him the 500 bucks. If anyone wants to buy some or go halves, you can fire me an email.

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