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Big Minnetonka Muskie Pic


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Just putting this out there to see if I can track down the guy that took this photo.

I also put this on the Metro and muskie forums so I apologize if you are seeing this again. But here goes.

I caught a really big muskie one evening last June (2003) while fishing walleyes on Tonka. I was fishing alone on the upper (west side) part of the lake in the evening when she hit my jig/minnow.

I called another boat over to witness the battle. I got the fish in after a 10 min battle with only 4 lb test. The guy in the other boat had a disposable camera and took a photo of the fish and me. The fish was estimated at approx 54 inches long (as it was 6 inches longer than my 48" ruler on the side of my boat). I did not get a girth measurement. It was a big ski, I would love to see this fish in November!

Anyway...after the guy took the photo, I got her quickly back in the water and released her. He then got out a tablet from his boat and took my name and address and said he would send a photo to me when he got the film developed. I was so excited that I forgot to get his name or tele #. As of today I have yet to get the picture from him.

The guy was fishing walleyes with 3 others in his boat. To my best discription the boat was a ranger fiberglass walleye boat, like a 691 or similar. Dark green black or blue in color witha big newer merc (150-200hp+)I didn't get his name but after I gave him mine he said it would be easy to remember cuz his neighboor had the same name as me, Tom Johnson. I live in Mound, MN. The guy look like he was in his 30's to 40's. the only other weird thing was the guy looked like he may have been guiding the other guys or taking some friends fishing from out or town. The way they dressed (like they came right from work) and one of them not knowing what the fish was makes me wonder this. I was fishing in a red 16 ft lund.

If anyone out there sounds like they know this guy could you let me know?
Respond to this thread or email me at [email protected]

Tom Johnson
2058 Commerce Blvd
Mound, MN

Any leads would be appreciated as I would love to have this photo.


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