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Boat Show Tips


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Boat show tips

Here are some tips for you people that are going to be shopping for new boat this spring.

The lowest price is not necessarily your best deal
There are a number of ways to cut corners on a boat package. Rigging, props, batteries, cables, setup etc.
If you find a low price check with a higher priced dealer and see what the difference really is between the 2
If a dealer if selling at a very low price he has to make it up in volume and after working at numerous marine dealerships I can assure you that aftersale service is equivalent to the price paid. The lowest price dealer may well be more concerned with pushing product out the door than service after the sale.

The sales people are not there to BS, they are there to help people purchase new boat packages
I am sure many of you have been to a Boat Show and have felt insulted when a salesperson ignored you after you mentioned you were not in the market for a new boat. Well get over it! Many marine dealers will do up to 25% of their entire year’s business at the Boat Show. They simply do not have time to shoot the breeze. They do not come to your job and BS about fishing when you are trying to work do they! This is how the salespeople pay the mortgage and feed their children so if you are not in the market for a boat please do not waste their time at the show. That’s what the dealers showroom is for, plus the coffees free.

Both deals look the same how do I decide who to buy from?
Two of the most important things after the sale are convenience and quality of service. A dealer who is 20 miles from your home or work is a lot more convenient than one who is 150 miles away. Sure you can purchase from far away and have your local dealer service it. I can assure you when it is busy during peak season the local dealer is going to get his customers back on the water before he even looks at yours. How do tell if you are going to get quality service? Look at the dealer’s service facility. You can sometimes get good service from a rundown dirty shop, however you will almost always be assured of good service from a clean, well lit, well laid out, modern shop. When in doubt visit the shop. I personally would rather drive a longer distance to get good service than to get crappy service close to home.

Be honest-Do not lie!!!!!!!
Here is where I will get some heat. I have seen here and on other forums how people felt they were treated badly by a salesperson. I would be willing to bet that in most of those cases that the first thing you did was to lie to that salesperson. That’s right I said lie. Just think about it, if you are looking to purchase a new boat package and the salesperson asks if you are in the market for a new boat. “ No just looking “ That’s a lie!!!
How can you possibly expect someone to be concerned about and look out for the best interests of someone who lied to him or her the very first time they opened their mouth? Also when you say “just looking” you might as well forget asking what the best price is. People who are just looking do not get the best price ever! The best price is reserved for those who are looking to buy and ready to buy now! Be honest, be respected, get a great deal!

Enjoy the Show, Check out the service you may well need it, Don’t let price be your only criteria,
And remember the salespeople are there to help you out and have never bitten anyone. grin.gifgrin.gif

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One thing to watch for is a under rated trailer. Some of the cheaper packages have a trailer that would be near max with the boat, motor and a full tank of gas.

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Are you going to get your best deal at the boat show? Or should I wait until after to get a better deal? I like the lunds and yamaha motors.
Your advice is appreciated.


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I have found you get a better deal if you buy in the fall. The next best time would be boat shows.

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