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Motorguide Versus Minnkota (Trolling Speed)

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Does anyone know the difference in speeds when comparing the 2 different brands?

For example, the Minnkota I own has 3 reverse and 5 forward speeds with 27 pounds of thrust.

I'm looking at a motorguide with 2 reverse speeds and 5 forward speeds with double the thrust (54)It's used and priced good.

I'm also looking at the new variable speed trolling motors, specifically the minnkota one for $280 40 pounds thrust roughly.

What do I do, I can get a used Motorguide for half the price of a new minnkota. BUT I want to be able to backtroll and I don't know if the two speeds is enough on the Motorguide even with the 54 lbs of thrust?

Anyone's input will help my decision!

1...2...bam got him

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I had the Motorguide model you are referring to. You cant compare either of the models you are looking at to your old motor... 27 Lbs of thrust is sufficient to push a canoe, or a very small boat with minimal wind... thats it.

The main factor here is .. how heavy of a boat are you planning on putting this motor on? I had the same motorguide model mounted on a 14' Alumacraft and it would go too fast in reverse even on the lower speed when there was minimal wind for pulling live bait rigs. The speed was proportioned better in forward where super slow speeds could be acheived, but at a loss of boat control (forward vs. backtrolling). The motorguide was great for trolling crankbaits and casting, but it was not ideal for backtrolling.

The minnkota model would serve your needs well for back trolling if you have a small, light boat. If your boat is at least 16' and *rigged*, you will want at least 50 lb thrust with decent speed variation(forward and reverse) for most normal fishing conditions(winds to 15 mph)... but will leave you wishing you had 65 lbs on windy or choppy days. A 40 lb thrust would be fine on a 16' boat on *calm* days for just about all applications.

The best thing you can do for advice, is to give more information on the boat you plan to equip.. theres a huge difference between the needs of a *row boat* and a *Yar Craft*. Another thing to consider is if you plan on using this motor as a primary(inner city lakes), or if its strictly used for holding your boat on structure on smaller lakes .. or do you fish big water regularly?

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Yup, I got a 16 ft lund. 25 horse. I was worried about the reverse speed your referring to.

I plan on using the boat on big lakes, Minnetonka, LOTW, Vermilion,

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Ok ... 16' Lund, 25 hp motor... so you have a relatively light boat. Assuming you dont have 3 people, 2 livewells full, concrete floors, and the kitchen sink.

This is what I would recommend ... I would forget about the $280 (40#)minnkota model that is double priced due to the built in maximizer. I would also pass on the motorguide because you seem to like to backtroll... and the speed control will limit your abilities (speed 2 is full throttle reverse, or way too fast). Another factor on the motorguide is the steel shaft, they bend easily if you bump anything(log, rocks, sand).

What I would do, Is look into a cheaper Minnkota model (Endura) which is carried everywhere (Walmart has cheapest price) and carries a 2 year warranty. A 50 lb model will cost you $198. If your not as concerned about the price, you can look into the higher grade minnkotas with *infinate* speed control and the maximizer in the 50 lb range. Infinate speed control can be nice, but not neccessary... Lets face it, if its not dead calm we are constantly changing throttle positions on any motor. A maximizer will not give you any better battery life at high speeds(windy/choppy water). In all reality, all Minnkota trolling motors run very close to the same amount of time at max speed on a battery charge (or 2 or 3 batteries for a single charge for the 24 and 36 volt systems). At lower speeds, the higher thrust motors will be more efficient than lesser thrust motors because they can propell a heavier boat at a lower speed setting... or a 50# motor is likely to push your boat at 1 mph for about 8 hours, where a 27# you would probably get 2 hours.

You would likely be happiest with a 65 lb model on big water, but price will likely dictate, and in your case... You have a 16' boat with a 25 hp motor.. Many 65# models are 24V (2 batteries) which will add a lot of weight... probably more than you want to add with your current motor if you still want any type of performance... especially on choppy water.

Sorry for the book .. hope this helps some.

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And the Wave Wackers?? lol

yeah, I'm basically gearin up already. To say I had equipment problems last year would be an understatement. I'm trying to master boat control.

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thanks Fisher Dave. They the minnkota variable speed does look a little overpriced.

Thankx! grin.gif

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Then you have 5 reverse speeds and 2 forward.

I have that same trolling motor on a 16' Sylvan Backtroller with a 40horse, two full live wells and 500 lbs of fishermen in it. I backtroll with the electric when I'm fishing. Only use the forward gears for repositioning, so 5 reverse and 2 forward works great for me. I also got mine used for somewhere in the $100 to $150 price range from a friend who replaced it with an expensive variable speed. The only advantage he has is, his new trolling motor doesn't wear out the battery as fast as mine does.

There are two ways to acheive reversing the controls on a MotorGuide (and I've done both). Let me know if you buy the MotorGuide and want help with it.
[email protected]

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