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Whipped by a fish


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I just got back from 2 days of sturgeon fishing in Wisconsin. 3 of us camped on the riverbank for 2 days of continuous fishing, and caught about 15 fish, the largest was 57 inches caught by my son. At 6AM I was awakened by a sturgeon that was trying to drag in my rod which was tied to my cot. 12 foot surfcaster with 40lb.test line. That fish beat me up, knocked me down, kicked sand in my face, and spit on me. To add injury to insult, when I released the anti-revese on my reel, the reel handle spun backwards and chewed up the end of my thumb. I had it on for 15 minutes and didn't gain any line on it. I felt like a kid being beat up by the class bully. It finally got bored and broke my leader. Today is the last day of Sturgeon season, but I'm going back next year with heavier gear for a rematch. Now its personal.

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I'm just impressed that a guy named
icehousebob can say "12 ft surfcaster with 40lb. test without stuttering!

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Your line tied to your cot eh ??
Thats a great story. The biggest
sturgeon I have landed weighed 54"
also in Wisconsin. I was fishin
brown trout and caught it on a
piece of yarn, right in the lips.
Boy they got some tough lips. If
a person could invent a material
that strong I think they could make
a million.

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IHBob: where were you fishing? I made my first trip over this year and caught 16 over the weekend the beginning of Oct. We were on the Menominee river It was a definite blast catching those dinosaurs!!

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I was "whipped" by a 26" northern last weekend. It was just one of those days. I was fishing on a small lake near my cabin up north. I went up there to put my boat away for the winter but it was so nice, I decided to hit a couple more lakes and put it away the next day. On the first lake, I was trolling the weedline when I got a strike. It wasn't much but action is action. It turned out to be a small snake so I got the net and landed it. Once in the boat after getting it's lips, teeth and the hook out of the **** net, it was flopping around on the floor like they do. As I reached down to get it and release it, I turned to switch on the trolling motor since I had drifted into a weedbed. I guess that fish was a little pissed and while I wasn't looking, it opened it's mouth and took in my left index finger up to the second knuckle. Long story short and alot of bleeding later, I was able to remove the fifty pounds of weeds that were wrapped around the shaft and prop of my MinnKota. Looking back, I was glad that I was the only one on the lake! No witnesses! ( I should have kept that little sucker and pickled it or something for revenge!).......T

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