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flurocarbon vs copolymer


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What do you think is the ideal
fishing line? I'm looking for
these basic things:

1) easy casting
2) low visiblity
3) strength (high breaking point)
4) abrasive resistance
5) strong knot strength
6) low memory

You can put mono into this question
too, but the spider wire, fireline
types are not what I am looking for.
Long casts, mostly.

Usually I use Maxima supersoft, its
abrasive resistant andholds up well.
I just don't have any experience with
the newer lines.



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I read this on some other fishing website and it made sense. Found on riversmallie dot com.

100% fluorcarbon is great on baitcasters. It sinks due to the density making cranks dig deeper, invisable, strong, but not really flexable. (I like Seagar like mentioned above) $14.99 for 200 yards though!

For spinning
P-line is my option, this is mono with a fluorocabon coating (I believe) Not as strong, but more flexible, and pretty invisable to.

I do have fluorocarbon on a spinning reel and I don't recommend it. I can't cast as far and it twists like a mother ..... well you know. But it has been good skipping under docks!

This is my .02

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For fun fishing I use Berkley XL or for river rocks Berkley XT. If there was money on the line, I would use Fireline with a flourocarbon leader. And replace the leader regularly.

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Tryline Xt. Tourney strength in clear. Some fluorocarbons are real stiff but the Seagur isnt bad.

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This is an easy one, for mono, hands down Berkley Iron Silk with a flourocarbon leader! When I could afford it I had it on most of my reels. Now that I can't I use the Bass-Pro Excel. It is inexpensive and it has an unconditional money back guarantee.
God lyk!

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I used to like Iron Silk but I have been having problems tieing knots in it has anybody else having this problem?????? other than using Iron Silk I have been using 12 dia 50# Spiderwire and I am ver happy with it, I just bought some "power pro" im gonna give that a shot maybe thats as good a spiderwire

Big Fish Hunter247

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Big Fish Hunter247
What Knot are you using on the Iron Silk??

Try Too Fish
Forced Too Work!!:)

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