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Watch out for scams


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Kind of off-topic for this forum, by it should get maximum exposure:

Folks, if you're in the market for a sled, wheeler, boat, or other big ticket item, be very careful if you are doing business over the net on various trader or auction sites.

There have been many reports of an increased level of scamming off these types of sites, for gear advertised at bargain prices. Many of the 'sellers' were located overseas, if you run into this type of deal, be suspicious. Go and see the merchandise before committing any money.

I I recently ran into one myself where a guy was selling a sled, he supposedly 'transferred overseas' and wanted me to deposit money into an 'escrow acct' he setup. Then the sled would be delivered once the escrow funds cleared. Yeah Right. Fortunately I did not get stung by this one, but many, many other folks have recently.

If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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I agree with L.E. beware for outboard motors also. There have been many large sized oned at incredible prices, well you know what was it, right ?? A scam. Same Mercury Optimax 150hp motor, same pictures sold many times on Ebay. Ended up to be a rip off. Same for many Honda 140hp 4 stroke. I also received many offers through email.
Also never give up your bank acct. #, this is part of another scam, everything seems legit, but when you submit # with authorization for payment, it gets emptied up in a hurry.
If you are in the market, investigate throughly, call people, check their address, feedbacks, etc., and possibly get just money down then final at delivery.

If something "smells funny", just walk away, while you still have your pants on....

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Pay attention! I was scamed on E-bay, and got no help from E-bay or Paypal.(they empty their paypal fast.) Even the District Attorney in his area did not help.

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