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Soooooo many posts - where duz the time go?


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I just noticed I hit the 4-digit mark for number of posts. Holy Pike-Slime, Batman!

I wanted to take a minute and ask everyone to do something. Take your hand off your mouse, reach over your shoulder and pat yourselves on the back! Nice job, ya'll.

This is hands down the best fishing site on the web. Thanks a million to all the great sponsors, participants (Family & Staff), and brainstormers who make this site possible. If you could get 275,000 people onto the porch at your local bait shop to swap tips, sell tackle, trade spots, banter, vent and argue - it would be a lot like this place - except here we never have to smell each other grin.gif

Oh yeah, and thanks to that Paquin guy - I think he had something to do with it....

Peace -

"The bow is set to distant shore,
then loss is gained and gains once more.
When beach is reached and sails are torn,
the journey is it's own reward."

[This message has been edited by Rick (edited 09-17-2003).]

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Congrats on the 1000th post and you are right about this being the best fishing web site. I find myself spending almost too much time reading this stuff...boss is looking, look like you are typing something from your desk, shuffle some papers and make it look like you found the info...anyway time to get back at it for real.

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Let's give him three chinese cheers.

FOOEY...FOOEY...FOOEY! tongue.gif

Incidently, that little fish thing you do <')}}}}}><{....nicely done! Very cool..as my kids say!

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Congrats Aqua, I'll have to second you on this being the best fishin' and huntin' website on the web now and always. Why did it take me so long to find out about this great fishin web site. Oh well I know about it now and am I ever glad I do.

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Hey.....does that four digit number include posts from your previous life, too? You've been around longer than 7 months, haven't you?

Doesn't really matter.....you've acted like a three to four digit member from the very beginning.

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Congrats Aquaman01 and everyone else. I'm glad to be a part of Fishing Minnesota. Fishing is a great sport and I hope to have good fishing for all the years to come. Keep up the good work everyone.

Good Fishin,

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No, that doesn't include the RobertC handle. That change was an ill-executed effort brought about by a misunderstanding regarding the site that carries my e-mail account. I think I'll stick with Aquaman now, though.
Thanks - maybe someday I'll figure out how to make scales out of commas.
Kevin -
Actually, I did list this site under "Community Activities" on the resume. The HR guy fishes. He's the one who told me about Snuffy's Landing - he throws for smallies on his lunch hours sometimes! I won't have time for computer play at this new gig, though. Sales is sales and Time=Money.


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I am in Indiana, with a house in Hackensack. This website is the best. Congrats on the participation! I read the site everyday. I appreciate all the help.


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