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Sharpening hooks - What do u do?


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After I lost a couple of nice bass I decided to check the hook point. Yup, dull as can be. So I took out my rusty file and attempted to put an edge on the sucka. It's not the best file but it kinda worked.

So my question is this (ok a couple of Q's)
How to you sharpen your hooks? I did the four side deal (kinda like a diamond), but I heard three sides work too. What's the best way as far has a hand file?

Does anyone use an electric device? I think Berkley makes one and I'm sure there are other brands out there.

Just looking for feedback on what us FM'ers do. I kinda want an electric one since I'm lazy and it's fast, but are they any good?

Thanks for any replies,

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I use the Berkely electric model and love it. I use it to sharpen the hooks on my muskie baits with no problems. It seems to grind them down in seconds.

I typically will file 3 sides rather than 4.

The other feature that I really like is the line stripper. I used to tie the end to a drill bit to spin it off. The line stripper saves me some trouble while keeping the used line in a neat pile.

It's worth the $10 or so.

Tonka Boy

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Thanks TB. I'll check those out.

Upnorth, I have a groove stone to, but never really liked it. I'll try that again and try three sides instead of four with the regular hand file.

I will be getting that berkley one though. Just zip and done. That sounded kinda funny smile.gif Just don't tell my g-friend. LOL

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I use Berkley's Hook Sharpener / Line Stripper (is black, about six inches long and has a round exposed stone that spins at the top). It strips line off your reels in a flash. I have stayed with this unit over the years because of its ease in sharpening teardrops & other tiny ice lures. I like to see the hook and be able to judge the amount of "grind" I am putting on to it. I also like to sharpen three sides of the hook, which this unit allows me to do, real fast. It is a great tool that saves me time changing line in the boat... which I do a lot (I bring about 15 rods most times).
I sharpen every hook I throw, without exception.
Dave Hoggard

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For Bass, Walleye, Pike, Lakers, Trout, Panfish
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