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Kayak Fishing adventure.....


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Had a wonderful experience last night. I've been meaning to rig my kayak for fishing for some time, but last night I just grabbed my 5 foot ultra-light combo and paddle down the shore. No tackle on board, just a 3inch plastic craw and a bullet sinker going in search of whatever would bite. This is on Lake Geneva in Alexandria. Managed to catch an aggressive perch in the shallows...pulled a feisty little bass from the culvert channel between Victoria and Geneva. Then I paddled out a bit deeper, where I knew there was a steep weedy drop to deep water. Figured I'd try to coax a few larger bass from the edge.

First cast working the drop, felt a hit, set the hook and had the fish on...then it felt really heavy. Getting wrapped in the weeds I thought. Doubled my efforts carefully with light tackle, trying to drag her out of the weeds. Really fighting and pulling deep now. Imagining a 5 or 6 pound sow belly. Finally see the line coming up toward the surface, getting ready for a tail dance...but no...dives again.

Working it letting the 5 foot quarrow handle the load, now she's comin up again and I can see its........a northern!....another look...a big northern!.....pushing 40+ inches, with the 10-12 inch largemouth I had actually hooked clamped sideways in her mouth!

I'm alone in a kayak...noone around to see this incredible fish! or to assist in actually landing it!...my kids are over at the neighbors swimming and I yell to them to watch, but its far away...the fish is actually pulling me out deeper...i tried to steer it toward shore so I'd have more witnesses, but she wouldn't be coaxed...finally after fifteen thrilling minutes, she let go....

what a great night!

Alexandria Outfitters
915 Hwy 29 N NE
Alexandria, MN 56308
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Man that sounds exciting, what a fun way to spend an evening. I have never had a predator grad a fish on whilee i was bringing it in that would be quite a site.


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Wow, that would be cool and scary at the same time. I witnessed my friend who caught a nice 15" bass off a weededge kinda like you described. The a musky chomped on the bass. Only lasted 10 seconds or so, but there she was right under the surface and partly sticking out with a nice bass in her mouth. Nice teeth marks on the bass. Lake Rebecca Henn Co.

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Great story! grin.gif

I have had small northerns try to bite on crappies as I reel them in, but none even close to 40 inches!

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