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Best Family Vacation Stories

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With a number of you having finished your vacation and more on the way, can you tell us some funny or memorable vacation stories?

If you believe you had a great family vacation, please let us know where you were and why it turned out so well.

Oh yes and how was the fishing for the family???

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I haven't actually taken any vacation time yet but have been fishing at least every weekend with at least one kid. I've taken both of mine and my brother's kids too, just to local lakes since Memorial Day weekend. We'll have the best time in early August when the wife will spend five days with her sister staying near the Mall of America. They'll be shopping, we'll be casting. They'll be sunning by the pool, we'll be jumping in the drink off the transom. They'll be relaxing in their separate rooms, we'll be telling ghost stories in the camper. We'll be traveling to lakes and natural wonders around Wyoming while she'll be gone and she doesn't have a clue what she'll miss. I don't have a clue why she'd rather spend a week in a mall. My real vacations will actually begin later in August when the twins enter Kindergarten and when the lakes freeze. I can find the fish easier when I'm sitting still on the hard water for some reason. Fish on!


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hey kevin! you have twins ?? you have my sysmpathy! they are super, don't get me wrong!!! but man! my twins,( son and daughter) are almost 17. make sure you are sitting down when they get their drivers licenses! they do make great hunting and fishing partners! del

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Our Family vacation was at Kab over Mem. Wknd. First day out with the guide - 1 fish each (my son's 1st walleye, so that's good). That evening as we're despondantly sitting around on the pier and in the boat that we're sure won't do us any good that week, my mother in-law gets a nice 18" sauger jigging off the back of the tied-up boat! So, we make time every day & evening to fish off the dock. Tally for the week?

Boated fish - 1 northern
Dock fish - 20 (northerns, sauger & walleye)

Maybe next year instead of spending $$ on a bank of batteries, we should spend it on stadium cushions.

Peace and Fishes

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We vac in Bovey (near Grand Rapids) evry year and the fishing is family oriented (panfish) yet this year we managed to catch some nice wallys also. Yet the best time is sitting on the dock with my daughter catching sunnies as fast as she possibly can not too many keepers but hearing her scream "I got another one!" and pretend to fight that "monster" 5" sunny like some TV host catching a 50" musky always makes me smile.
Big Balsam Camp, Bovey MN

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