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FL-18 transom mount issue

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I'm sure you all know by now I got my first boat. I took my FL-18 Pro Pack and bought a High Speed ducer.

The boat I have has a custom aluminium hanger (if you will) that had the old ducer on it. It must be a universal size cause the FL-18 fit right in there. I dropped the back angle about 2-5 degrees like the manual said, but on plane sometimes the reading fades out.

I moved custom hanger over so the rib didn't wash turbid water in that direction and dropped it a 1/4". It reads better but still not great on plane.

The back part of the ducer sits below hull level and the front of the ducer is hull level.

What do I do? Lower it even more I guess?

PS, anyone use the Bottom Lock feature?

I'm all ears, Thanks FM members!!

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Check to see if the ducer happens to be in line with a rivet pattern. If so, this is probably whats causing the distorted readings.

Also, drop the front of the ducer 1/8" below hull level. Being parellel with the hull allows for air bubbles to garble your signal.

Hopefully this solves your problems.

Good luck.


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Also pitch it forward at 15%, this will make more contact and reduce turbulence. As mentioned be sure it is not in line with a rivet run or a vain. Drop it 1/8 or so below the hull and pitch it forward and you should be good.

Also look at Vexilars web site for details on mounting to shoot through the hull. It works great, easy to do too. You get very good high and low speed readings by centering it in the bilge.

Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson

Backwater Guiding "ED on the RED"

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