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Moving to the Metro...

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I will soon be moving to the metro area and I have a couple of questions:

First, when I move I'll be moving into a condo first which has 1 garage stall and will have two people - so I need to find a place to store my boat and some stuff that will go into storage until I get a real house. Does anyone have any tips on storage places in the metro (preferably south east/Eagan area) that have units that will hold a boat on a trailer (17' fish and ski, probably 21' or so with trailer) and a bunch of boxes and some furniture?

Second, since I'm now used to Detroit Lakes and Otter Tail being a hour or so drive away, I'll need to know what is right outside the metro area that I can easily fish (and CATCH FISH) on a day trip, again from the SE metro area.

Thanks in advance! I'd love to hear any more information on metro area fishing too, including good canoe lakes in the greater metro area.

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I can't help you with the storage problem but the fishing question is easy. St. Croix River out of Hudson, Mississippi River out of Hudson or Prescott...

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Check the yellow pages to find a storage place near where your going to live.Be prepared for sticker shock, they are not cheap for the larger units, I recamend Secure Storage if they have a location by you.They have a secuity system on the doors so if they are opened with out you swiping your card at the gate the alarm sounds.
Beleive me they work,I rode over to mine with a neighbor while he used his card I just walked over to mine and opened it.RING,RING, we had the cops there in 5 minutes.

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